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Geologic Time


DeeAnn Picken

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Geologic Time

The Geological Time Line The time line begins
with Precambrian.
Origin of earth(4,600,000,000) The beginning of the Archeon Eon The oldest known Earth rocks are in this eon(3,400,000,000) The early bacteria came around
400 million years later. The build up of free
oxygen in the atmosphere happened
700 million years later. The Proterozoic Eon The early multicelled organisms(700,000,000) The Phanerzoic Eon The Paleozoic Era The early shelled organisms came in the Cambrian Period. The Ordovician Period happened around 510,000,000
The early fish came 20 million years later. The Silurian Period The Early land plant life(430,000,000) The Devonian Period(409,000,000) The Carboniferous/Mississippian Period(363,000,000) The early trees, formation of coal deposits The Carboniferous/Pennsylvanian Period(323,000,000) The First reptiles(325,000,000) The Permian Period(290,000,000) The Mesozoic Era Triassic Period(245,000,000) Jurassic Period(208,000,000) Early birds and mammals(180,000,000)
Early flowering plants 10 million years later Cretaceous Period The Cretaceous Period(140,000,000) Dinosaurs become extinct(65,000,000) The Cenozoic Era The Tertiary/Paleogene Period (65,000,000) Early Primates (60,000,000)
Early horses (50,000,000) The Tertiary/neogene Period (23,000,000) The Quaernary Period (23,000,000) Worldwide glaciation (1,100,000)
Neanderthal man (100,000)
Modren man (10,000) Present The Archeon Eon The Proterozoic Eon Phanerozoic eon Precambrian time
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