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Presidential Candidate

No description

Genevieve Vacherot

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Presidential Candidate

Diana Blume
Age: 51
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Residency: Jackson, Michigan
Profession: Senator
Education: Brown University
Family: Married with two sons
Political Leaning: Moderate Republican
Religious Affiliation: Lutheran
Stump Speech
Foreign Policy
Begin a more aware and assertive foreign presence
Take a more aggressive posture towards Russian expansionism
Train and arm foes of Islamist extremists
Negotiate an end to Iran's nuclear weapons program
Create Jobs
Bring large corporations back into the United States
Lower the corporate income tax
Streamline government regulations of business
Lower unemployment by pursuing free market policies which will create stable jobs
Increase visas for foreign workers working in the US
Presidential Candidate
Create more equal opportunities in education
Make education a viable option for all citizens
Increase funding for magnet and charter schools
Create tax incentives for college savings
Link teacher salary increases to classroom performance
Motivate the Base
The base of Diana Blume's campaign consists largely of historically conservative states. Combined, they have 260 electoral college votes and her campaign depends on gaining all of these state's votes, which is pretty certain. To motivate these voters to turnout on election day, Blume's platform contains many planks that Republican's usually feel strongly about. Her platform on foreign policy should motivate conservative voters, as it contrasts with the current administration's policy and takes a more aggressive stance, which many Republicans believe is best. Her platform on jobs and free market policies should also motivate Republicans. In addition, her policy on charter and magnet schools will draw a lot of support from teachers and parents. All of these issues are important in the states that make up the base. Blume will further motivate these states to vote in her favor by leading passionate campaigns in their areas and continuing to be an advocate for the issues that they feel strongly about.
Win the Swing Vote
Because of California's high income tax, Blume's position of free market policies and low taxation will appeal to the swing voters that wish to bring their rates down from the high place they are at now. Blume's dedication to creating jobs will will motivate the voters due to California's high population and large job demand.
In Texas, Blume's conservative policies should appeal to swing voters. They will be excited about her further lowering the state income tax rates, as this is something that is important to Texans. Blume's dedication to a stronger foreign policy will also appeal to voters because of their location on the border.
Because of Blume's promise to lower income tax rates, swing voters will be drawn to the polls, since Missouri ranks 20th in highest personal income tax rates.
Due to Wisconsin's high reliance on corporations as means of employment and economic stimulation, voters should feel passionate about Blume's policy to bring the large corporations back to the US, which would create more jobs and boost the economy in the Wisconsin area.
Blume's views on foreign policy will gain voters due to the fact that Ohio's political leaders share similar views on these issues. This means that they will work to campaign for Blume and gain her voters.
North Carolina
Blume's dedication to creating jobs will appeal to North Carolina voters because of North Carolina's high unemployment rate of almost 7%. Her promise of low income taxes will also motivate these voters so that they don't feel discouraged when it comes to getting employed.

Creating more jobs is essential to winning votes in Kentucky. With and unemployment rate of 7.1%, Blume's job creating policies should be valued by those living in Kentucky.
Since Chicago, the third largest city in the US, is in Illinois, Blume's policy on education should get the voters on her side. Her promise to increase funding to charter and magnet schools should appeal to many Chicago voters, as it gives parents more options regarding where their child can go to school, allowing them to attend a school not in their neighborhood.
The vast majority of swing states in America are known for high income tax rates as well as high unemployment rates. In order to get the remaining votes needed to reach 305, Diana Blume’s campaign relies on the Electoral College votes from these states. Her platform on jobs as well as her desire to lower income tax rates will appeal to a large majority of these states. Blume’s views on foreign policy will also motivate these states because many political powers in these states have similar views. All of these issues are extremely important to states in the swing vote. Diana’s campaigns in these states and her continued dedication to these issues will motivate residents to take to the polls on election day.
Create jobs by bringing back large corporations to the US and pursuing free market policies
Adapt an aware and assertive foreign presence
Make equal education a viable option for all citizens
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