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Copy of Chemical Scale

Example of using prezi's zooming functionality to talk about various inclusive concepts. (Matter - Molecule - Element etc)

Ole Iversen

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Chemical Scale

Child Motives motivation is the dynamics that characterizes a person’s actions and relationship to the surroundings in a particular situation. For the person, motivation characterizes the dynamic of her situated activities. isn't this where
spin comes in?

don't remember.. Motivation Learning
Activity How does IT support education? Teaching
Practice Motives are, as opposed to motivation, cross-situational goals, which characterize the actions of a person in different activities over an extended period of time (Hedegaard 2002) A person's various motives are related to each other and can be seen as a hierarchy structure: Leading motive
Meaningful motive
Stimulating motive
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