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Banning Nuclear Weapons

No description

hector esparza

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Banning Nuclear Weapons

Banning Nuclear Weapons Thesis : Although nuclear weapons are a useful deterrent, they are ultimately a danger to life around the world and should be disarmed and banned from production. The Ultimate Threat Birth of Nuclear Power The Curies Elements and Energy Rays Maries Death Manhattan Project Albert Einstein First Atomic bomb Banning Weapons Production Government Funding Underground Industry Threat Russian Scientists Terrorist Market Nuclear Proliferation Deterrence Nuclear Equity Cold War Mutually Assured Destruction Nuclear Disarmament Franklin D Roosevelt World-Wide Death Threat Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Akira Onagi Hiroshima Bombing Threat of Nuclear Plants Previous Accidents Terrorist Threat Chernobyl Three-mile Island *Anti-Nuclear movement in Manhattan of '82 U.S.A North Korea Threat of Radioactivity Radiation Radioactive Waste Waste Sites Waste Act Improper disposal Geiger Counter Life-Threat Environmental Effects Threats to Health Agriculture Water Contaminated Soil Plant life Oceans Lakes/Resevoirs Radiation Sickness Crime Against Humanity
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