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The Principles of Effective Communication

No description

Matt Ellis

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of The Principles of Effective Communication

Examples of Communication
Hashtag conversations
Keep up to date with recent news or favourite people
Worldwide trending topics
Receive positive feedback from consumers
Companies can advertise their products to millions
The Principles of Effective Communication
Lync 2013:
Barriers of Communication
Language Barriers
Visually Impaired
Not Taking the Conversation Seriously
Barriers of Communication
Trolls and bullying (Social Barriers)
Importance of Accuracy
Summaring and Repeating
Lync 2013:
Examples of Communication
Instant communication between users
Emoticons for expressing emotion
Ability to change font size and colour for those who are visually impaired
You can present your own screen for a visual aid on what you are talking about
Group conversations
Examples of Communication
Barriers of Communication
Examples of Communication
Barriers of Communication
People who are more reserved have equal speaking oppurtunities
Posts remain and can be revisited
Different forums for different topics
Quick comments or long posts are both possible
Admin control
Large volume of posts can be overwhelming
Waiting on a reply (Responding Speed)
Incorrect solutions to problems (Relevance of Contribution)
Quick delivery and reply
Attachements can be sent with Emails
Draft copies of Emails
CC and BCC
Spam and junk folders
Phishing Emails
Not communicating socially
Examples of Communication
Positive Body Language
Verbal Skills
Summarising & Repeating
Questioning (Open & Closed)
Keeping Audience Engaged
Barriers of Communication
Environmental Barriers
Hearing or Visually Impaired
Social Barriers
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