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Farewell to Arms Chapters

No description

Luis Felipe Penteado Bartolomeu

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Farewell to Arms Chapters

Farewell to Arms
Chapters 8 & 9

While on their way to the river, Henry sees the hospital Catherine works in, Henry stops and tell the other to go ahead. Henry asks the receptionist if he could see her of a moment, Catherine meets with Henry. Henry tells Catherine that he will have to stay overnight and could not see her until tomorrow; she gives him a Saint Anthony necklace. Henry asks if she is catholic, but she tell him that she isn't.
Henry gets on the ambulance while saying goodbye to Catherine. The driver notices Henry's Saint Anthony, he tells Henry that he has one too, and it only works if he is wearing it.

On the way to the river, Henry is amazed by the view.
Farewell to Arms Chapter 8
Chapter 8 begins with Henry getting the notice that an attack was going to occur up the river, and that Henry and his friends were supposed to drive four ambulances there; everyone knew little about the attack.
Henry's Ambulance
Special Thanks
I chose that quote because it express how Passini and most of the men were feeling after the explosion hit them. Not only Passini, but most of the men were severely injured by the blast. The quote can be conssidered as Passini's last word.
Farewell to Arms Chapter 9
After a long (and unnecessary) description of the view from the ambulance, Henry reaches the front. Henry begins to discuss the route of the ambulances with me major; he and the major have a drink together.

At night Henry receives a cold pasta and a chunk of cheese, meanwhile Henry sees some soldiers carrying a wounded man, and against the major's permission he decides to share his pasta with them.
The man are eating the cold pasta, and they can hear explosions in the background. Suddenly, Henry hears a loud noise and sees a flash; Henry thinks he is going to leave his body, but he snaps out and regains consciousness. Henry hears a men crying, Henry tries to see who it is, but he could not move his legs.

He twisted and pulled his legs making him able to move; Henry reached for the man who was crying, it was Passini (another ambulance driver). Henry noticed that one of Passini's legs was missing, and the other one has hanging by the tendons. Passin begged for Henry to kill him. Henry decides to help him, but he dies before that. Henry discovers that there is something wrong with his own leg; the other ambulance drivers (Manera & Gavuzzi), that are not dead, carry Henry to the post. Henry thinks a mortar caused the explosion

At the end of a chapter Henry is in a ambulance, above him a dead man is spilling blood on him.

""Oh mama mia, mama Mia" then "Dio te salve, Maria. Dio te salve Maria. Oh Jesus shoot me Christ shoot me mama mia mama mia oh purest lovely mary shoot me. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Oh Jesus lovely Mary stop it. Oh oh oh oh" then choking " Mama mama mia." Then he was quiet bitting his arm, the stump of hi leg twitching."
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