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Helmuth Hübener

No description

deanna hess

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of Helmuth Hübener

Helmuth Hübener A boy who belived in God, and believed that God wanted all men to know the truth.
He had a dream for freedom and truth.
That truth was treason. Background Dream TREASON Helmuth Hübener was born on January 8 in Germany.
He lived with his single mother, grandparents, and
two older brothers, Gerhard and Hans. His Mother later married Hugo so they would have money. He grew up in the time of Hilter, where he was told the future
of the Third Reich would be glorious. He was taken out of the boyscouts to be admitted in the Hitler yourh. Helmuth also grew up in
the Morman church that made Helmuth see that it might not
be as glorious as it sounds. Helmuth fullfilled his vow to his friends. By expection all the
blame for the conspiracy, therfore the lives of Karl and Rudi were spared. Karl was sentenced 5 years in the concentration camps and Rudi was senctenced 10 years, while Helmuth was sentenced to death. He is the youngest opponent of the Third Reich to recieve the death sentnce. February 5, 1942, Helmuth was arrested by the Gestapo and beaten by them until he told them about Karl and Rudi. They were taken in the next day, also beaten to get out any more information. They didn't see each other until October 11, the first day of court. "... after Jews, Mormans will be next." "I know that God Lives and He will be the Just Judge in this matter. I look forward to seeing to you in a better world!" - Helmuth Hübener (the day of his execution) Helmuth witnessed the Jews disappearing every day and Jewish stores closing down. He was sent to a Hitler youth school that told him that Jews were evil. His new stepfather encouraged these claims and believed everything the Germans said. This video includes Helmuth's friend Karl, who helped him deliver the pamphlets. Along with his brother Gerhard, who brought the radio to Helmuth from war. He is reading the letter Helmuth wrote to him on the day of his death. His brothers were sent off to the war, Gerhard in technology and Hans in actual combat. One day his brother, Gerhard, brought him a short wave radio home with him. Short wave radio's were illegal to have at that time, because the German's didn't want the people to hear the other countrie's "lies" about the war. Gerhard locked it up and told Helmuth not to open it untill after the war. Let It Be Known. On 11 August, 1942, the People's Court sentenced 17-year-old Helmuth Hübener of Hamburg, to be stripped of his citizen's right, and in addition, to death, because fo his treasonous support of the enemy. His execution has been carried out today, the 27th of October, by the order of the chief attorney general of the People's Court. At age 17, Helmuth decided to take the short-wave radio and listen to it. He channeled on to the BBC, the news station in Britain, and found that their information was very different compared to the Germans. The Germans only told the people of their victories and deaths of the enemy. The Britains told of both sides victories, losses, casualties, and deaths. In rage at the Nazis' lies to the Germans, he typed essays about the truth of the war and how they were apressing the Jews on his type writer. When he read over his work, he realized that the Germans should know the truth of the war. Atleast he could reach his home town and hopefully it would sprend on from there. He got his two best friends, Rudi Wobbe and Karl-Heinz Schnibbe. They were also Mormans who found the Nazis wrong at times as well and agreed to help Helmuth. They decided to go out at night and throw the pamphlets into the streets of their town to tell the people. They successfully got 60 pamphlets out to the people. They each made a vow that if one of them was caught, he would take upon himself all the blame and spare the lives fo the others. They thought that even if they were captured, they would be charged as juviniles, even though the penelty was threatened as death, but they were wrong. http://mvgcontact.org/MVG%20in%20English%20Helmuth%20Hubener.htm http://authordon.com/forgetting-the-past_272.html http://www.ioffer.com/c/Militaria-1003476/STAR+WARS http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gerhard-Gustav-Kunkel/272339637501 http://kb1kix.net/blog/?cat=47 http://www.theoriginof.com/typewriter.html http://kirbytopderby.glogster.com/glog-6530/ http://www.themudflats.net/2009/08/21/nazis/ http://strangevehicles.greyfalcon.us/MERCEDES%20260D.htm http://www.thefullwiki.org/Helmuth_Hübener http://www.facebook.com/pages/Helmuth-Guddat-Hübener/244415053805 The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campell Bartoletti Deanna Hess M4 2/25/11
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