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Personal Narrative Abstract

No description

Simran Bhola

on 18 June 2016

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Transcript of Personal Narrative Abstract

1. Motivation/problem statement
Post high school, I would like to go to McMaster University for Pediatrics. Throughout high school, for starters, I believe it is my responsibility to maintain excellent marks in order to excel and receive a position in the program. Upon receiving a position in the program, it is crucial to maintain excellent marks to be able to gain admission into Medical school.
1. Motivation/problem statement cont.
Then, I wish to join a children’s hospital and hopefully soon after, open up my own clinic as a pediatrician. I wish to achieve these goals because I enjoy helping others, particularly children. I hope for a future in which I can assist children and hopefully make their lives better.
2. Methods/procedure/approach
In terms of deciding on a career, I have always been very conflicted between becoming a pediatrician, a lawyer and as of recent, a businesswoman. However, what cleared my conflicts was Career Cruising, and from there, I decided the occupation of a pediatrician was the one for me. Upon doing further research, as well as already being passionate about helping children, I knew Pediatrics was the way to go. Collaboration, Responsibility and Independent work skills are my strengths and I believe these strengths can be used effectively as a pediatrician.
2. Methods/procedure/approach cont.
As well, one of my experiences also aided my decision. Recently, a little four year old had tripped and fallen outside our house. The little girl was a cousin and obviously being the eldest, it was my duty to help her. I took her in, washed her knee and put a Band-Aid on it. Despite being a minor incident, I decided Pediatrics was the field for me.
3. Results/findings/product
My Career Cruising result as well as my experience with my little cousin definitely helped me learn about myself and discover my passions. Besides being responsible and enjoying both collaborative and independent work as well as my enjoyment of working with children, I have discovered my interests in life.
3. Results/findings/product cont.
My findings have assisted me in determining the correct use of the skills I have. The job of a pediatrician effectively combines my skills and interests, creating the perfect job.
4. Conclusion/implications
The results of my findings have led to my understanding that after high school, the occupation of a Pediatrician will be the most suitable field for me.

4. Conclusion/implications cont.
Firstly, I will attend McMaster University to complete a Bachelor’s Degree for four years
Then, I will apply for Medical School and attend Medical School for the next four years.
Post Medical School, I will be doing a Medical Residency Training Program for the next three to five years.
Personal Narrative

Simran Bhola
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