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Starbucks Case Study: Innovation in CRM strategies, means of

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Deepa Malviya

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Starbucks Case Study: Innovation in CRM strategies, means of

International transference may be restricted.
The trialability of the App. Consumers.
The high cost and increased risk associated with future developments.
The lack of acceptance of mobile payment.
This technology is not unique.

Starbucks Case Study: Innovation in CRM strategies, means of enabling E-Commerce
“CRM is concerned with the creation, development and enhancement of individualized customer relationships with carefully targeted customers and customer groups resulting in maximizing their total customer life-time value.”
Presented By: Abhinav Malik-002 Atul Mathur-034 Charul Jain-182 Sri chetan.B-140 Sidhant Dixit-176 Varun Ahuja-171

The importance of mobile marketing in strengthening customer relationships
The potential transferability of mobile payment technology
The potential for more intensive interaction and value creation
The need for the integration of online and offline marketing strategy
The limitations and risks of mobile payment technology in a general context and in the case of Starbucks 
A new pricing policy may combine focus on new product development, careful customer segmentation, loyalty compensation, new tech & applications utilization etc. 
Should design its marketing strategies in order to attract customers from low income groups.
Company should be careful about its expansion strategies to avoid destruction of brand.
The Starbucks Loyalty Program has seen great success in its mobile payment option at a time when many other mobile payment apps have been struggling.
In U.S. Starbucks stores, 20% of transactions are done via the mobile app, resulting in nearly 9 million mobile transactions weekly.
Consistently engaged in improving the quality of its products.
Implemented strong HR practices , leads to manage effective customer relations.
Established its own communication channels to connect the customers with company as "My Starbucks Idea“.
Was able to achieve the three objectives of CRM
Birchall, J. 2011. Starbucks launches phone payments, online newspaper article, Financial Times, <http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2f7413c6-23fa-11e0-bef0-00144feab49a.html#axzz1KRHNo5uU>. viewed 24 April 2011.
Dolorfino, J. 2011. Digital Technology As Status Symbols: Some Food For Thought, Blog, <http://justine-dolorfino.com/2011/02/09/digital-technology-as-status-symbols-some-food-for-thought/>. viewed 29 April 2011.
Gruen, T.W., & Hofstetter, J.S. 2010. The Relationship Marketing View of the Customer and the Service Dominant Logic Perspective. Journal of Business Market Management, 4: 231-245.
Bhardwaj, D. 2007. Relationship Marketing in Context to the IT Industry. VISION-The Journal of Business Perspective, 11: 57-66.

Thank You
1. Starbucks focuses on customer relationship
management by integrating communication with customers. 
2.Seven attributes of marketing mix were implemented
3.Main objective of marketing mix program is to create communication and deliver value to customers
4.Starbucks has adopted a brand differentiation strategy through product uniqueness 
5.New CRM mobile application tool 
- Purchasing is made by Starbucks card mobile app 
-Customers can reload balance through PayPal.
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