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K. Howieson

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Verbs

Irregular Verbs How do they work? When do I use them? NOW I GET IT! What are they? In contrast to regular verbs, irregular verbs fall outside the standard pattern. The idea of irregular verbs are important to learning a second language. All irregular verbs are different in conjunction but here are some examples or common irregular verbs. -> -> -> -> -> -> We use irregular verbs for verbs that don't fall under the regular category (regular patterns). We tend to use them more in speaking more than writing. When in doubt, a dictionary is your best friend!

Try your skill on some activities!! Let's put that knowledge into action Why are they important? Irregular verbs are very important in language because they are often the most communally used verbs. Examples: -englishclub.com
-englishexercises.org Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle

be was,were been
bleed bled bled
eat ate eaten http://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=2030
http://www.english-4u.de/past_forms_cw.htm WEBSITES!!!!! *favourite bar
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