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IBD consulting - Our work flow

IBD Consulting & Co. is a small and dynamic company with a great focus on business development in the areas of medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We will open up the doors to your future with expertise, performance and process solutions

IBD cc

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of IBD consulting - Our work flow

Using our QuickChecks we can keep you completely up to date with the current market developments.

We can give you a fast and accurate overview of your chosen topic, product or market, so you can react efficiently.
Two IBD headquarters

Germany (Frankfurt)
Turkey (Istanbul)

benchmark studies
sales potential
product comparison charts
We find the right markets for you and your products
Medical devices
Medical technical equipment
Dental products
Therapy devices
Special plastics
High-tech ceramics
Special optical products
Chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials
New production processes
Special machine construction.
Market developments
New markets
Technological breakthroughs
Global trends
We can help!
Who we are:
Quick checks
We work around the clock
to deliver in 24-48 hours.

We grow with the markets
Investigate and evaluate trademark rights
Patent conflicts
Patent lawyers from our network

Regulatory requirements:
Certification of the product.
Click here
to go here
Our new client:
a new product
to enter a profitable market
a market analysis
a business development strategy
product certification (CE, FDA, ISO...?)

1. Market Services
Focus branches:
Medical products
Chemical technology

Knowledge Transfer
Market Research
Benchmark Studies
Feasibility Analyses
Identification of new markets
Tailored technology scouting
Exclusive Assessments
Expert Knowledge on demand
Research and evaluation of patents
Sourcing or supply chain related projects
Product development and product certifications
Project management
Nucleus-Teams for your projects
Team support with QMB's
Support of strategic and operative measures in your business unit or management
2. Product Development
3. Growth through innovation
To do...
1. Research
collect all relevant data
review thousands of relevant web pages
review industry magazines
review peer reviewed publication
find anything else of use
cross reference
2. Analyse data
assess from our own knowledge and experience
3. Make a summary

4. Buy more coffee beans
We stay in touch and offer support at all stages of your project development

We accompany you
on your journey

High growth regions
Benchmarking Project

Rank in the world
Rank in Europe
(According to the AiFD)
Pharmaceutical market:
Current projected:
$9.1 Billion USD spending
with a 6.7% growth
(According to the OECD)
We shed light on the best strategy for your approach to market sales
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