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Lifesaver bottle

No description

Jarek Kupisz

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Lifesaver bottle

Water Poverty Problem LIVESAVER satisfy needs of consumers mainly on 3 markets Management of Technology
Project Presentation LIFESAVER bottle
"By thinking differently, we can solve the problem."
Whether this technology is disruptive

How efficiently can it support governments fighting with water poverty

Is the current business model and strategy of LIVESAVER company accurate In conclusion "Mothers and children no longer have to walk four hours a day to collect their water. They can get it from a source nearby. So with just eight billion dollars, we can hit the millennium goal's target of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water. It costs about half a cent per day to run. To put that into context, The U.K. government spends about 12 billion pounds a year on foreign aid. But why stop there? With 20 billion dollars, everyone can have access to safe drinking water. So the three-and-a-half billion people that suffer every year as a result, and the two million kids that die every year, will live." Anna Zapolska & Jarek Kupisz

Sogang Business School 2012 How big is it? 1.1 billion people suffer from lack of access to safe drinking water 3,5 billion people suffer pain of diarrhea every year 3,5 million children die every year as a result of drinking contaminated water About 20 000 people are right now suffering from diarrhoea Four children have just died, since we started this presentation... Potential number of organization, governments and customers who would be interested in acquiring such technology seems to be very big... Developing societies need fast, easy, cheap and efficient solution to fight water poverty problem LIFESAVER founder, Michael Pritchard, 2007 How does it work? Nature- free water distribution system Key features and technolog of LIFESAVER bottle: Key features and technology of LIVESAVER bottle: 750 ml capacity

2 cartridges options- 4000 or up to 6000 liters of clean water

Ultra filtration and active carbon filter (less than 25nm- polio virus protection)

No toxic chemicals (US and EU approved)

Filtration on demand We'll try to find out: Thank you for your attention
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