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Why Bolivar would have used Facebook and Twitter!

Social Media presentation for Ownership Thinking!

Brian M Breen

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Why Bolivar would have used Facebook and Twitter!

Linkedin members can follow companies that interest them and
share content 21st century visionaries include
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and
Larry Page

But the visionaries of the 19th century
were Thomas Jefferson, Levi Strauss, Savva Morozov and Simon Bolivar During the Oct 2012 VE elections, it's was noted that President Hugo Chavez preferred Twitter because of its immediacy,
while Henrique
Capriles used
because of its
intimacy Social
media helps businesses
find and connect with
customers Why Simon Bolivar would
have used social media Overview Shannon O'Neil's Oct. 3, 2012 blog post
"Latin America's
reports: 2000 - Less than 10 million Latin Americans online
2012 - More than 129 million online
1000% increase in a dozen years El Libertador More than
125 million Latin Americans log in to social
media accounts
monthly More than 1/3 of
Venezuelans use
10% on Twitter In Latin
America, 1 out
of every 4
minutes online
is spent on
Facebook In Latin America,
60% of social
media users
are under the
age 30 Social
media use
in Latin America expected to grow almost 13%
in 2013 Why should your business use
social media? Small and large
companies can no
longer ignore
Social Media Social media
platforms augment your Search Engine
Optimization XYZ
#1 goal Top 10
Advantages Facebook is the #1 social media
platform in the world. Launched at
Harvard University by Mark
Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and
three other partners in 2004.
More than 1 Billion users. Youngest billionaire in the world
Net worth $17 billion* One of the most robust
mobile platforms Ease of integration
with other
social media Variety of
templates Types of Facebook
business pages:

Local business or place
Organization or institution
Brand or product
Artist, band or public figure
Community or cause Facebook business
pages can be
indexed quickly by
search engines based
on keywords in
the title page http://blogs.cfr.org/oneil/2012/10/03/latin-americas-growing-social-network/ Free! Thomas J. Bouwer
Ownership Thinking
Atlanta, Ga. USA (Way more than Gustavo Cisneros)
source: Wikipedia reports that
between April 2011
and April 2012
Venezuela had
the most growth
of internet users
worldwide source:
Digitales IDEAL FOR
customer feedback

Comfortable interface
Ask timeline questions
Respond to comments
Post news, photos, videos
Chat with consumers #1 MATURITY OF ACCESS
Traditional website
Mobile website
Android app
iPhone app

By 2020, more people will
access the web by mobile
devices rather than desktop computers GREAT FOR
Customer engagement
Special offers Estimates more than 9 million apps and
websites are optimized
for use with Facebook: eCommerce - Ecwid, Payvment
Promotions - Fan Appz, iFrapp
Intelligence - SurveyMonkey
Communication - LiveChat, Livestream Top 5
Advantages Easy to set up and use Creating
content is not complicated 140 characters
(not words!)
maximum including links Able to determine "trending" by using #venezuela #OwnershipThinking #caracas Free! Top 5
Advantages #1 professional networking site in the world
More than 175
million members Customers can use Linkedin to get basic and advanced information about your company Employers and employees are using Linkedin to form relationships with colleagues and customers So how do
you start?

Pick one and sign up for an account Create a profile

Start out slowly
but have fun Keep your company or personal profile interesting and relevant Post content
using web links, photos and even video There are no
social media "experts"
The capabilities are always changing The internet is your best resource socialmediaexaminer.com
mashable.com Thank you

Now go
get social Companies are using
Linkedin to identify and screen job
applicants A light-hearted look at Social Media www.facebook.com/CarolinaHerreraNY






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