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Sociological Perspectives

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ashley ellis

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Sociological Perspectives

Sociological Perspectives Functionalist Perspective Conflict Perspective Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Postmodern Perspective Feminist Perspective So your probably wondering right now what the heck did all that just mean? Lets use a common household item to help us:) The Functionalist Perspectives are based on the assumption that society is a stable, orderly system.

There is a societal consensus whereby the majority of members share a common set of values, beliefs, and behavioral expectations.

Early functionalists compared society to a living, evolving organism. According to this perspective....

a society is composed of interrelated parts, each of which serves a function and (ideally) contributes to the overall stability of the society.

These parts include social structures and institutions:
Government Religion
Economy If anything negative happens to one of these institutions... all other parts are affected... and the system no longer functions properly. Conflict may take the form of :

Litigation (matter before the court)
Family discussions about financial matters

Advocates look at social life as a continuous power struggle among competing social groups. Symbolic Interactionist approaches are based on microlevel analysis, which focus on small groups rather than large - scale social structures. The day to day interactions that occur among people (2 or more). Society is the sum of the interactions of individuals and groups. Focusing on:
Communication among people (Interaction)
Symbols (give meaning to human communication Examples of Symbols Signs
Written Language
Shared Values According to symbolic interactionists, our thoughts and behaviours are shaped by our social interactions with others. Feminist perspectives focus on the significance of gender in understanding and explaining inequalities that exist between men and women..

in the household
in the paid labour force
in the areas of politics, law, and culture Feminist sociology incorporates both :

microlevel - Interpersonal relationships between men and women (communication, attitudes, values) Power in private sphere

macrolevel - Explanations of how gender inequality is created and maintained in a society dominated by men All of the approaches share the belief that

Women and men are equal and should be equally valued as well as have equal rights What examples can you draw on from your childhood that reinforce the feminist perspective?

That society creates gender roles and reinforces social expectations through social learning According to postmodern perspectives, existing theories have been unsuccessful in explaining social life in contemporary societies that are characterized by post industrialization, consumerism, and global communications. Do you think certain technologies are having an impact on interpersonal relations? Tweet answer What does the family do for society?

What does education do for our society?

What does politics do for our society?

What does economics do for our society? Can you think of anything that could go wrong in:
Economics The functionalist perspective views society as composed of different parts working together. In contrast, the conflict perspective views society as composed of different groups and interest
competing for power and resources. Who controls the power in our society?

What are examples of a power struggle in our society? What groups of people are involved? With you partner, brainstorm the characteristics commonly or not commonly associated with a refrigerator. Keeps food cold
Size of the refrigerator
Uses electricity
Humming sound when operating
Various colours
Magnets and other items stuck to the outer shell
Door handle
Most have freezers
Ice inside freezer
Thermostat Some dispense ice & water
Shelves for beverages & condiments
Door compartments to store eggs and cheese
Drawers to hold vegetables and fruit
Brand name and logo on refrigerator. How is this activity connected to sociology and sociological perspectives?

Using the characteristics of a refrigerator, apply the five sociological perspectives.

Complete the handout! Part of the economic and technical structure of the kitchen, household, and family.

Each part of fridge serves a specific function and all function together in unison
Compartments, drawers, and shelves are each used to store particular types of food
If the fridge cooling system breaks down, the food will spoil.
The contents on shelves, compartments, and drawers might leak into other parts of the fridge ruining food.
If access to a compartment or drawer does not work, the food will have to be stored elsewhere inside the fridge Functionalist Contributes to the survival of the household and family unit by contributing to:
the flow of food.
Nurturing (comfort foods) Some people have better refrigerators.

Unequal access to refrigerators, so more food spoilage for some (typically poorest members of society).

Symbolizes and maintains a class inequality in life chances.

A struggle to keep food cold from the warm air outside the refrigerator

Refrigerators of more power may contain better quality food

Determining what food is stored in what compartments and shelves of the refrigerator Conflict A tool that subjugates and isolates women in domestic work.

Though they are supposed to make life easier, they raise performance standards.

Identifying women with domestic technology maintains a gendered inequality in life chances. Feminist Something people use to learn together.

Negotiation about rights of access.

Its contents give information about the family lifestyle.

Its outer surface is a storehouse of family culture and means of communication (brand name, magnets, pictures, school work, etc.) Symbolic - Interactionist How do people decide what refrigerator to purchase?

Magnetic surface can be used to leave notes for family members or appointment cards

Thermostat lets you know the temperature inside the refrigerator

Where was the refrigerator made?

Customer service phone number and service repair persons visit homes Postmodern
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