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What does "scope of government" mean?

No description

Laura Bean

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of What does "scope of government" mean?

What does
"scope of government" mean?
the extent of the area or subject matter that the government deals with or to which it is relevant.
That is..
How involved is government in the well being of the people?
Some favor...
"There is more wisdom in millions of individuals making decisions in their own self-interest than there is in even the most enlightened bureaucrat (or congressman) making decisions on their behalf."
- Dick Armey, Tea Party key figure
Some favor...
more ORDER
"[Government's] intervention is sometimes the only means of achieving important goals in American society. How else, they ask, can we ensure that people have enough to eat, clean air and water, and affordable health care? How else can we ensure that the disadvantaged are given opportunities for education and jobs and are not discriminated against?"
People know how to act in their own best interests. The more the government gets involved, the less they are able to act for themselves.
Even people who know how to act in their own best interests need protection from those who will deceive them. The more government is involved, the safer people are.
There must be...
The scope of government grows as it is involved in more things.
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