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Scitus Recruitment Group

Your valued resource and trusted partner in recruitment services.

Tiffany Gonzalez

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of Scitus Recruitment Group

SCITUS RECRUITMENT GROUP “scitum est” means clever and intelligent ideas
Your intelligent choice for recruitment solutions Scitus is the leading provider of various recruitment solutions for the Job Services Australia (JSA) and Disability Employment Services (DES) industry. With over 20 years of experience in private recruitment and within the JSA and DES industry, Scitus has extensive knowledge in recruitment services and earned a reputation of successful undertakings. Dynamic and Effective Results We deliver high quality and effective solutions that are prompt and within budget. Business-centric Approach Scitus offers solutions that are focused on the requirements of the operational business giving you less time to worry and more time to attend to other business goals. Tailor-Made Solutions Scitus consultants create solutions that are very specific to your business requirements rather than just applying a one size fits all approach. Superior Account Servicing Our ability to respond promptly, accurately and effectively is key to our success. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Sourcing and Recruitment Finding the perfect fit and this is what we do best Scitus offers you with a reliable, seamless solution for sourcing, recruiting and placement of proficient, experienced professionals Regular meetings to obtain detailed job specifications
Advertising and pre-screening
As opposed to other providers, Scitus Recruitment consultants conduct face to face interviews
Administration of various psychometric exams
Extensive back-ground check and review
Short and long-term assistance in contract management
Testing /coaching - set-up and implementation What we can do for you: Advantages when you hire Scitus: Competitive rates versus standard industry rates
Worry free sourcing and recruitment. Free up your internal staff
More time to focus on other business goals
Assurance that Scitus will provide you with the RIGHT person you need Vanity Kits with Branding
(for Men and Women) An essential bag full of toiletries and personal care necessities

Can be customized with your own logo and/or messaging

Great for Clients, job seekers or even your own employees whether you want to motivate employees or increase brand awareness

Kit contents can be modified to suit your style, purpose and budget USB Bands with Branding Scitus eSend Personalized SMS message for various applications

Send messages individually or to a set or group of contacts

Import data from other applications, such as Microsoft® Outlook, Excel, Access, MYOB, ACT! and other business specific programs
Faster than sending than e-mail

User-friendly navigation and simple to use while providing endless functionality "All these and you save more than 75% off the average cost of a 1 minute mobile phone call" "Much faster and cheaper than the hundreds of
calls to mobiles we used to make every week, this service really makes our work easier" Michael Disbury
ICT Manager - Integrated Group. Report Writing and
Data Extraction Services Scitus Recruitment Group has access to very qualified programmers who can develop a report for you that can be automated, created on a desktop, or set up to run as you require and can be emailed. Extract the information that you need whether for bsuness review, performance evaluations, identifying opportunities or new strategies and campaigns with simple but reliable, cost-effective solutions. You know how to reach us. Contact us for obligation-free consultation, sample and demos www.scitus.com.au enquiries@scitus.com.com +61 3 9005 6550 ScitusRecruit Scitus Recruitment Group Scitus eSend is a feature-rich yet user-friendly SMS application that enables you to contact your staff, customers, clients or partners for a price that’s less than the cost of a standard phone call. Any questions? One of our best sellers in various JSA and DES, training institutions and universities; popularity among job seekers

Backup and transport files easily with these 1GB, 2GB and 4GB flashdrives

Made from quality memory chips, hot plug and play and no external power needed

PC and Mac compatible; shake and electromagnetic wave protected

Various sizes and colors available that will surely look fantastic with your logo on it

5-year warranty, local service, data upload service

FREE mock-up proof and print set-up

Express delivery at your doorstep in 2-3 weeks
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