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Horror Films

No description

Hailey Lemery

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Horror Films

Horror Films
What constitutes a horror film?
Horror films are films whose purpose are to create a sense of fear, panic, alarm, and dread for the audience. These films are often unsettling and rely on scaring the audience through a portrayal of their worst fears and nightmares.
The Grudge Scene
The Grudge (2004)
In The Grudge, the plot centers around Karen, a woman who has just moved abroad from the U.S. to Japan. Her profession is taking care of the disabled and elderly. When she is given the case of a woman with dementia, and first visits the house, she knows something is terribly wrong.
The Ring (2002)
The Ring, a supernatural horror film released in 2002 and directed by Gore Verbinski, captivated audiences with the horrifying story of a group of teens who accidentally viewed a disturbing tape they had found on a weekend stay at a cabin in the woods. Immediately following the tape's viewing, the group recieved a phone call and, upon answering, heard a girl's voice whisper, "Seven days." Seven days later, around the same time, each of the teens died mysteriously.
The Ring Scene
The End!
Characteristics of the Horror Genre Shown In the Movies
Horror films usually center on the arrival of an evil force, person or event. Many horror films include mythical creatures such as ghosts, vampires, demons, and zombies.
Traditionally, horror films incorporate a large amount of violence and gore into the plot.
Some cinematic elements shown in horror movies include:
High/Low camera angles (Effect- Power)
Jump cuts (Effect- Quickening of time)
Monster/demonic sounds etc- Non digetic (Effect- to scare)
Change in music- (For suspnseful scenes, a change in music will convey coming violence or a scary moment)

Low key lighing (High-key to emphasize shadows)
Weapons (guns, knives)
Religious symbols
Dark colored clothing/costumes
Dark colors throughout the film

Later in the film, it is revealed that the previous occupants of the home were a family of three, a husband and wife and their young son. When Kayako, the wife, is discovered by her husband keeping a diary documenting her infatuation with an English teacher, he loses control of his anger, and in a fit of rage brutally murders her and then drowns their son in the bathtub before ending his own life.
After the death of Kayako, the wife, a curse was placed upon the house and she took the form of a demonic entity, mostly choking her victims to death; the same way she was when she was killed. She also had a tendency to eat parts of their flesh as some victims in the film were seen with their jawbones gnawed off. This explains the connection to the bloody, violent, and gory characteristics usually found in the Horror genre.
The aunt of one of the girls who died vowed to investigate and ended up watching the tape, recieving the same phone call, and racing against time to solve the mystery that had led to the deaths of those teens.
...or is it....
The Grudge
The Ring
High/Low camera angles
Jump cuts
Monster/demonic sounds
Violent Scenes
Use of mythical creatures/beings
High/Low camera angles (Effect- Power)
Jump cuts (Effect- Quickening of time)
Monster/demonic sounds
Use of Mythical creatures
Disturbing scenes and images that portray the audience's worst fears
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