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Natural Gas Energy Source

By: Elenna J. and Denisse A.

Denisse Almaguer

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Natural Gas Energy Source

By: Elenna Jauregui
Denisse ALmaguer Natural Gas Natural gas is a
resource. Renewable, Non-renewable, or inexhaustible? Natural gas is used in many ways. How is natural gas used? Offshore drilling technologies will make retrieving the gas much safer and efficient
Natural Gas Fuel Cells will make using this resource much cleaner and environmentally friendly What emerging technologies will make this energy source safer, more usable, more efficient, cleaner, etc? What are the infrastructure requirements for utilizing this energy source? Citations http://www.solarpowernotes.com/non-renewable-energy/natural-gas-energy.html#.UGR5jpFp-So
http://naturalgas.org/ In a residential setting, natural gas can be used for heating and cooking, natural gas ranges and furnaces, air conditioning units, clothes dryers, barbeque grills, and gas fireplaces
In a commercial setting, natural gas can be used for water heating purposes, like in a hotel, heating and cooking food, and for on site energy productions.
In a industrial setting, natural gas can be used for heating, cooling and lighting, incineration of waste, boiler fuel, drying and feedstock for certain products, production of methanol, desiccant dehumidification in industries, and infrared heating 1. Exploration: scientists use different technologies to find natural gas reserves
2. Extraction: Crews drill holes into the Earth, and bring up a thick substance that isn't usable yet
3. Production: The substance has to be processed into gas; this happens at a designated production facility
4. Natural is transported by pipelines
5. The gas can then be either used right away (unlikely) or stored in underground storage facilities
6. The gas is then transported by smaller pipelines to the consumer
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