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The hanging gardens of Babylon


Ruth Hoogenbooma

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of The hanging gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon Who built the gardens? There once was a guy named Nebuchadnezzer. HE became king of
babylon in 605 b.c. He had a wife thats name was Amytis. A story says that
Amytis would sit at home and watch out the window
to see Nebuchadnezzer and his workmen build the hanging gardens. Why did they build the garden? When nebuchadnezzar and amytis
went to babylon Amytis thought that the land
was flat and dry. so then Nebuchadnzzar decided
that he would build the garden. Then Amytis got home sick so then Nebuchadnezzar really wanted to build the garden to please his home sick wife. And he wanted it to feel like home to her. When and Where the hanging gardens were built?
it was built in a Ancient city of babylon in 600
b.c. it lays on the banks of the eurphrates river south
of present day bagdad, The capitol of modern day iraq. Built near the river overlooking
babylon's city walls.

What was in the garden? There were a hole bunch of flowers like roses
and there are also a lot of trees. and the cool part about
the garden is that there isa a fountain. But the items that are there are figs, almonds, walnut tree, pomegranates, rock roses, water lilies, incense buches
shrubs, luscious fruits and palm trees. how did they get there water? They got there water from the Euphrates river.
The water may have been lifted from a chain of buckets driven
by blinded slaves on a treadmill. from the top of the garden the water could run down the streams and were carried by a waterfall down to make the soil wet. How tall were the pieces of the garden? supporting archways: 24 meters ( 80 feet high)
total area of the garden: 31 x 31 meters ( 100 x 100 feet) height of gardens: the lowwest terrace was the level top of the archways, 24 meters (80 feet) above the ground. Each succeeding terrace was about 3 meters ( 10 feet) higher, until the top most terrace was about 40 meters (130 feet) above the ground level. Area of each terrace: 30 meters (100 feet) x 5 meters (16 feet) ( thAt is, if there werehalf a dozen terraces; but no one knows for sure.) The mystery The gardens had been destroyed and no one knows
how amytis and king Nebuchadnezzer dissapered.
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