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Panda Bears

No description

Aaliyan Mohammed

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Panda Bears

Pandas graze in bamboo jungles. That is the only place they can survive.
Pandas have sharp claws to clean and eat bamboo.
Pandas have really strong teeth to bite off bamboo.
Pandas spend about eight hours of the day sleeping.
Pandas spending time with their families.
Sometimes hidden by their fur, giant pandas have long and sharp claws to help them climb trees and clean bamboo to eat.
K: Animalia
P: Chordata
C: Mammalia
O: Carnivora
F: Ursidae
G: Ailuropoda
S: melanoleuca
The Giant Panda has black and white fur with a rounded head. There are dark black patches around its eyes.
There is a sixth finger made from a piece in the wrist bone.
Length: 5-5 and a half ft.
Height: 10 in.
Shoulder height: 30-40 in.
Weight (Fully Grown Male): 175-275 pounds.
Giant Pandas live in the Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces of China. The only place it can survive is a bamboo forest.
A baby panda cub stays with its mother until the next mating season then goes out to live on its own.
A giant panda will normally sleeps for 8 hours and eats for 16 hours.
A panda sleeps whenever it wants to but only for four hours at a time.
Living Habits
A panda will only eat bamboo. If it runs out of bamboo, it might starve to death.
Using its sharp claws, the panda thoroughly cleans bamboo to eat it.
A fully grown male panda may eat up to 90 pounds of bamboo every day.
A panda will get some of its water from bamboo but it always lives near a good water supply.
Eating Habits
A mother can only have one cub every year. Sometimes, the mother might not have a cub.
As the cub is about to turn 18 months, the cub leaves its parents to live on its own.
It takes about five months for a baby cub to be born.
The colors of the giant panda represent the Yin and Yang forces during the Han Dynasty.
The panda is a sign of pride shown by many Chinese.
Biblical Reference
If we don't love God, that means that we don't trust Him.
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
--- 1 John 4:8
Just as a mother panda loves her cub, we should love God more than ourselves.
Pandas being Poached
Pandas are very close to becoming extinct.
If you and I promise to help pandas and many other endangered animals, we just might be able to stop the extinction of these poor and innocent creatures.
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