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Shelby Elementary GEP

GEP Meeting 2010-2011

Jeff Norris

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Shelby Elementary GEP

GRC What GRC is and is not... GRC is NOT a reward for children who behave well in class and turn in perfect work. Shelby Elementary School School Beliefs Rather it IS an academic necessity for children who learn differently. GRC is NOT a program for children with exceptional grades. Rather, it IS a program for children with exceptional abilities and potential. Gifted Resource Classroom GRC is NOT fun for fun's sake. Rather, it IS often fun for the sake of challenge and learning. GRC is NOT for children who are "better" or "more special” than other children. Rather, it IS a program for children who think and learn differently from the norm. GRC is NOT a test of what the child does know. Rather, it IS an opportunity for the child to go beyond into what he or she DOESN’T know. GRC does NOT address only academic needs. Rather, it ALSO addresses social and emotional needs and validates gifts and talents. Guiding Questions How does change occur over time? How does change affect our lives? Why must things change? In what ways do things change? Affective Needs Creative and Critical Thinking Open-ended Questions Transformations Brainstorming SCAMPER Goal- show growth in flexibility, fluency,
originality, elaboration Contact Information Mr. Norris:

School Phone:
(205) 682-6630 Concept Lens: CHANGE 2010-2011 Units of Study 1. Decades of Change 2. Stock Market? Begin with 1900 and end with 1990 (beginning-Wright Brothers & Titanic) 3. Interest Studies Geocaching, magic, mysteries/puzzles, animation, technology, etc. Students will participate in weekly bibliotherapy, cinematherapy, and discussion sessions that target affective needs of gifted students, such as: *teamwork
*importance of dreaming
*understanding "gifts" Scheduling Fourth and fifth graders receive four hours of pull-out services each week. Third graders receive three hours of pull-out services. Students will be grouped with other gifted students in their regular education classroom. Teachers will be taught different kinds of grouping strategies. Students will not be required to make up missed work while in the GRC classroom. Parent/Teacher Communication *Please make sure I have your email address. *Quarterly Newsletters *Quarterly Progress Reports Supply List *$25 donation
*Hand gel
*Construction Paper or cardstock *All children can learn.
*Children learn differently and instruction must be differentiated.
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