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Thank You

No description

Chirag Vanker

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Thank You

Thank You

Physical & Financial Target

Basis of Preparation of Action Plan for MIS in Gujarat State 2014-15

Vide letter no. 11-4/2012-Hort.(Pt.) dated 24/01/2014 received from the Dept. of Agri. and Coop., Ministry of Agri. GOI, New Delhi, informed tentative allocation of fund of Rs. 200.00 crore for 2014-15 under National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI) Scheme.

Vide letter no. 11-04/2013-Hort dated 26/02/2014 received from the Dept. of Agri. and Coop., Ministry of Agri. GOI, New Delhi, called a meeting on 21/03/2014 to review the Mission for NMMI Scheme and discussions on Annual Action Plan for 2014-15.

Based on the suggestions received during the meeting dated 21/03/2014, the Annual Action Plan 2014-15 has been prepared.

District wise area under irrigation & performance analysis of previous years have also been considered while preparation of AAP.

The Action Plan has been prepared based on the subsidy Norms indicated in the NMSA Guideline in prescribed format.

OWFM comprises of 3 sub components:
Micro Irrigation

Drip Irrigation (Wide spaced crops)
Drip Irrigation (Close spaced crops with rows at less than 1.2 meter)
Micro Sprinkler
Mini Sprinkler
Portable Sprinkler
Semi Permanent Irrigation System
Large Volume Sprinkler Irrigation System (Raingun)
Training Programme

On Farm Water Management (OFWM)

Comparison of Unit Cost

Funding Pattern for Action Plan 2014-15

Central Share Rs. in Crores

Micro Irrigation : 190.48
Training : 0.10
On-farm water distribution / application : 0.42
On-farm Drainage : 0.125
Sub Total : 191.125

Administrative Cost : 09.556
(5% of total assistance as per NMSA guide line) .
Sub Total : 200.68

State Share : 158.07
Farmers’ Contribution / Bank Loan : 383.33
Grand Total (Total Project outlay) : 742.08

Physical & Financial Target

On-farm water distribution / application
Land leveling, Construction of field channels, sub surface distribution with box outlets
Construction of Secondary Water Storage Structures with protective fence, Connectivity from canal /distributor / outlet, inlet and silt detention structures at feasible locations
On farm Drainage
Support for mechanical, biological or combination of both systems for improving drainage in waterlogged farm land. Activities like field drains, laterals, connecting drains, refuse/sink, agronomic measures etc. would be supported.


From the year 2014-15 onwards, the National Mission on Micro Irrigation has been subsumed under the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). Under the NMSA, following components have been included:

Rain-fed Area Development (RAD)

Soil Health Management (SHM)

On Farm Water Management (OFWM)

Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture Modeling & Networking (CCSAMN)

the Micro Irrigation has been covered under On Farm Water Management (OFWM) component under NMSA.

NMSA comprises of following components

Subsidy pattern in other States

(% of MI unit cost)

Comparison of subsidy pattern

On Farm Water Management


National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

Annual Action Plan 2014-15

Date: 27/03/2014

Gujarat Green Revolution Company Ltd.
P.O. Fertilizernagar, Dist. Vadodara ( Gujarat )

Gujarat Green Revolution Company Ltd.
Annual Action Plan 2014-15

Source of classification of Districts: Annual Report for the year 2012-13 published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India

* Newly formed districts have been considered as Non-DDP / Non-DPAP districts for calculation of Central Share as classification / notification is not available yet

Classification of Districts under DPAP / DDP and Non – DPAP / Non DDP

Comparison of Unit Cost

Classification of dist.

Compar. of subsidy pattern

Other State Subsidy Comparison

For Micro Irrigation
The NMSA is Centrally Sponsored Scheme in which for Non-DPAP, Non-DDP area, 25% of cost of MI system for General Category and 35% for Small and Marginal farmers will be borne by the Central Government, 10% mandatory share by the State Government;
whereas for DPAP / DDP area, the assistance will be limited to 35% of the cost of MI System for General Category and 50% for Small and Marginal Farmers with a mandatory share from State at 10%.

The Central Assistance will be limited to a maximum area of 5 hectare per beneficiary.

NMSA Subsidy Norms
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