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Kristy Ellis

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Orley Culverhouse
What a Wonderful Girl: Music Therapy with Children on the Autism Spectrum
The Autism Spectrum
(I) A total of six (or more) items from (A), (B), and (C), with at least two from (A), and one each from (B) and (C) (Inclusion Criteria)
(A) qualitative impairment in social interaction
(B) qualitative impairments in communication
(C) restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities
(II) Delays or abnormal functioning in at least one of the following areas, with onset prior to age 3 years:
(A) social interaction
(B) language as used in social communication
(C) symbolic or imaginative play
(III) The disturbance is not better accounted for by Rett's Disorder or Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (Exclusion Criteria) (DSM-TR-IV)
To Increase “Kendra’s” emotional awareness which will be operationally defined as the number of times “Kendra” can accurately describe her feelings, and when she feels them in an “I feel when I” statement.

To increase “Kendra’s” emotional and communication skills which will be operationally defined as the number of times “Kendra” can communicate and express how she is feeling.

Facility Description
Tayfour Campus - WRH
Mental Health - Social, emotional, developmental, and/or behavioral issues, and families
Assessments/Diagnostics, Outpatient, Groups, Crisis Stabilization, Consultative services
Psychologists, Psychometrists, MSW’s, BSW’s, CYW’s
Windsor Regional Children's Centre (WRCC)
Wigram, T., & Gold, C. (2006). Music therapy in the assessment and treatment of autistic spectrum disorder: Clinical application and research evidence. Child: Care, Health and Development, 32(5), 535-542.

Steele, A. L., & MME, M. (2005). An analysis of music therapy program goals and outcomes for clients with diagnoses on the autism spectrum. Journal of music therapy, 42(1), 2-19.
The Set Up
Treatment Room
Observation Area
5 clients (8-10 years)
Ukulele, Guitar
Sound Shapes
Auxiliary Percussion
10 year old female with PDD-NOS
High functioning/verbal
Anxiety group, 2010
Anger management
“She’s made a lot of gains”
Can communicate ideas, follow directions, provides appropriate responses
Regular classroom with an EA
Appropriate motor skills
LOVES to sing, sang “Irish Lullaby” at church as a solo, bops to music, sings LOUD, can count in, can match pitch/dynamics easily, can play a C chord on uke
Can identify emotions and play them on drums, but struggles to communicate and express her emotions/transfer her understanding of emotions into her own life
SS training, shook my hand, eye contact
- Feelings song

- Improvisation (“Duets”)

- Drumming - Play your feelings,
follow the leader, repeat after me

- I feel ______ when I _______

- Use of visuals/Visual Schedule
- Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) - No No’s

- Songwriting

- Lyric Analysis (Lean On Me)

- Tenori-On

- Idea generation
" Kendra's Song"
Goals: Too similar? Ease?

Songwriting/Recording - amount of time

Communication/Expression of feelings - definition

Prompted communication of emotions vs unprompted

I like you

I’ll miss you
5 Things I wish I had done (or done more of) in my University Career
1. Observe, Observe, Observe!
2. GET YOURSELF A UKULELE (or two, or three...)
3. Try everything
4. Use lots of variety when picking/implementing activities
5. Get feedback while you still can
Thank you!
Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes
Emily Finnigan
Joe Graham
My Graduating Class
My Friends and Family
and YOU
I see a little girl and, her name is "Kendra"
She likes to craft, and arts and painting
and you think to yourself, what a wonderful girl

She loves to watch movies, and she likes to play
and if you meet her, she’ll love you forever
and you think to yourself, what a wonderful girl

She loves her pet shops, and her cat named Rollie
but her favourite one was Finnigan
but he died when she was eight years old
she loved him very much...and she cried
and you think to yourself, what a wonderful girl oh yeah...
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