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The Runaway Scrape

For Coach Bean The 5 Essay Project

Katie Cox

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of The Runaway Scrape

The Runaway Scrape Who Everyone who was in the Mexican Army's path fled for their lives. What was the Runaway Scrape? The Runaway Scrape was in the year 1836. When the Mexican dictator and General, Santa Anna, brought the Mexican Army to Texas to take control of Texas and get matters straightened out. Where Did The Runaway Scrape Take Place? When Did The Runaway Scrape Take Place? Why Did The Runaway Scrape Happen? Because Many people were fleeing for their lives. When Sam Houstan was retreating towards San Jacinto, Texas he burned down villages and towns so Santa Anna's troops would not get any supplies from Texas. But, while he was doing this he left the settlements unarmed and undefended. The Runaway Scrape took place in the year of 1836 to avoid the murderous Santa Anna. It happened in Texas.
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