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How did radio develop and/or change in the 1960s?

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Luke Racioppi

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of How did radio develop and/or change in the 1960s?

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How did radio develop and/or change in the 1960s?
The FM Radio was invited which was much clearer with less interference then the AM Radio
How did TV develop and/or change in the 1960s?

It is estimated 75 million people watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Vietnam War is the first conflict to be televised. Doctors legally advertised cigarettes. By the end of the decade there were approximately 78 million television sets in homes across the United States, 200 million around the world.
What was the impact of entertainment like radio and TV on culture?

n a country with a high rate of illiteracy, radio and television inform and educate even as they entertain. They reach out to a huge portion of the population, also made news much easier to receive.
Banana seats bicycles

People used to ride bicycles that had long seats that curved at the back. These were known as banana seats.

Entertainment/Fashion During The 1960s

What popular movies came out around 1966‐-1967
You only live twice
In the heat of the night
Bonnie and Clyde
guess who's coming to dinner

how fashion change over time in the 60s?
Fashion in the 60's was a time of invasion and optimism where they wanted something new and fresh

Hairstyles of the 60s
Everyone had an afro it was the hairdo of choice. The bigger the better even the girls had afros.

Art from the 60s
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