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Evidence from the Ancient Climates.

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Jerry Sheng

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Evidence from the Ancient Climates.

Evidence from the Fossils Match Across the

The continental margins on different continents are quite similar. This is can be proved by the identical fossil organisms had been discovered in rocks from both South America and Africa.
A. Mesosaurus.
Living fossils.
Actually A living fossil is a living species (or clade) of organism that appears to be similar to a species otherwise known only from fossils.
Although Wegener's hypothesis came from the remarkable evidence. However, it is only can be considered as hypothesis before scientist find enough direct and indirect evidence to prove it.
Mesosaurus are reptile like crocodiles. Interestingly, it has been found in eastern South America and western Africa. They are fresh water reptile but now they are separated in these continents.
How can living fossils give some indirect evidence for the Continental Drift?

The fossils of Glossopteris are
found in Australia, Africa, South
America, Antarctica. Currently, they had different climates. However, then this plant inhabited in these regions during the late Paleozoic era, their climates were all subpolar.
From the material in the textbook
, we can easily find out there might have
some relationship between the fossil
organisms and the Continental Drift. How?
And why?
Other than fossils, Nick prepared
something new!
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