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The History of Atari

This Prezi goes over the history of Atari.

Alexander Raptor

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of The History of Atari

The History of Atari Atari was founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell.
Atari created arcade games, home game consoles
and home computers. Some games created by
Atari were Pong and Asteroids. It created consoles
like the Atari 2600, 5200 and the Lynx. The first game Atari released was the
Arcade game Pong. It was like a soccer
type game were you move around a line
so the ball won't get into the goal. You
versus the computer or AI ( Artifical
Intelligance). It was a very popular game back then. In 1976 Atari was able to create a game
console and the result was the Atari 2600.
It was one of the first video game consoles
ever created. The 2600's nickname was
the VCA ( Video Computer System). It had
quite a few games released for it including
Pong, Asteroids and the favourite was Yar's
Revenge. The console plugs in your TV and
was in Black & White or you could have it
in Colour. You could even play multiplayer. The Atari 2600's most popular game
was Yar's Revenge. Not many
people know this game but it dosen't
have a story or cheap. You find yourself
shooting a ship using a line thing. The
game has appeared on almost every console
including the Virtual Console on the Wii. In 1982 Atari released its new
game console called the Atari
5200. It was large and could
have up to 4 players. The graphics
were much better in games like
Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Yar's
Revenge. It wasn't poular because
it was big and it didn't have a good
controller. It was a complete fail.
Atari didn't do as well as before
because of the 5200. In 1985 Nintendo released the NES
(Nintendo Entertainment System).
In 1986 Atari released the Atari 7800.
The 7800 went up against the NES.
Unfortunately Atari looked like it was
going to go out of buisness because
of Nintendo. Atari's 7800 played 2600
games aswell. It wasn't recived well
like people say something like "Atari
is History, Nintendo is the way of the
Future". After the Atari 7800 it looked like Atari
had become history. In early 1989
Nintendo they released the Gameboy.
Later that year, Atari released the Atari
Lynx. A portable Game console that
had a colour LCD screen. It ran on 6
batteries for 4 hours. It could hook up to
16 other Lynx's. The console was quite
large so the Lynx lost the battle against
the Gamboy so it wasn't bought that
much. After the 80's, Atari was still in buisness.
Nintendo released the SNES, Sega
created the Sega Master System/Ganesis
and Atari made another console which
was the Atari Jaguar. It plugged into a
TV like the 2600 and 5200 and 7800.
It had many games but didn't have a long life
like the other console. This was the last game
console that Atari had created. Atari is still
in buisness and releasing games for PC, PS3
and Xbox 360. Atari released games for PS2,
Gameboy Advance, Xbox, Gamecube and
the DS. Atari was a great company in the 70's
and now it is not as well known. Atari will
never release another game console but I will
miss them.
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