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"The Pomegranate Seeds"

No description

Michelle Esquilin

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of "The Pomegranate Seeds"

Physical Appearance
How would you describe this character?
How would you describe this character?
What? Conflict
How would you describe this character?
King Pluto seems like wealthy man, a man that doesn't seem to be happy because he doesn't have the things that he wants.
01.09 Pre-Writing Process "The Pomegranate Seeds"
Conflict experience
"How this character respond"?
Rising Action
Falling Action
Point of view
What point of view will you use in your story?
Why did you choose that point of view?
Tone—What is the attitude of your story?
How will you communicate that tone?
How do you want readers to feel after they read your story?
King Pluto is king of all diamonds he lives in Rose Palace. Proserpina is Ceres daughter. Ceres is a princess and the mother of Proserpina.
Proserpina keeps trying to escape the palace because she is not sure what King Pluto’s intentions are. She is nervous what he could do to her
because he was able to call in back up to hold her down and make her drink the magical stream against her will.

Proserpina is trying to escape the palace and her mom Ceres is looking for her. Ceres just get home from picking corn, and she found that his daughter was not home. When Ceres found out that her daughter went into the forest alone.Ceres knew immediately that Proserpina was kidnapped. Ceres took off the forest and came up to rose palace and she knew that in her heart that her daughter was in there.
I would described king Pluto was a tall white guy with black hair and wearing a greek mythology robe.
His attitude is very selfish. He thinks everyone can work for him.
How would you describe this character ?
King Pluto is a wealthy man that is looking for a person who can take control of this needed
King Pluto is telling Proserpina to eat a Morse take or take a sip of the Magical Stream. and then king Pluto calls someone from his palace to hold her down while king Pluto forces her to drink some of the Magical Stream
King Pluto has a new maid to take back to his palace since he kidnapped Proserpina
King Pluto came from the underground after noticing a female wandering by the seaside and ends up kidnap Proserpina and take her back to his palace for her to be his maid.
King Pluto has Proserpina to do all his needed in his palace
King's Pluto hide by the forest; There is a scary walk way with trees on each side with the sound of waves and a view of the ocean.
Proserpina keeps trying to escape the palace because and she not sure what king Pluto's intentions are.
I chose omniscient because in my opinion it’s easier to write and read a story when the narrator knows what is going and but isn’t putting their opinion in on it.
The tone of my story is neutral.

How will you create that pace?
By explaining how king Pluto gets Proserpina and how he loses her.
I would want the readers to know to listen to their parent. Parents know the best and when they say something they know what's the best for their children.
I will communicate this tone by just using the facts then the reader can interpret the story in many ways.
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