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Mount Kelud

No description

Jen Fox

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Mount Kelud

Mount Kelud
Current Activity
Tremors will continue for a few weeks

Mount Kelud is still active

Will probably erupt within another 100 years
Side vents of lava from Mount Kelud
After eruption; city covered in ash
Pyroclastic flow from Mount Kelud
February 13, 2014
Mount Kelud is a stratovolcano or composite volcano located on the Pacific Ring of Fire off the coast of Indonesia; 373 miles east of Jakarta.
Fun Facts
~Mount Kelud is over 5,000 feet tall

~Many live close to active volcanoes and have
learned to live with the rumbling and often
ignore the orders to evacuate

~Pacific Ring of Fire has 453 volcanoes

~Many villagers are collecting and selling the ash and grit for fertilizing crops and the construction of buildings

-$56 for a small truck of the debris
Plate Boundary
Mount Kelud
~Indonesia is between the Pacific, Eurasian, and Australian plates

-When one moves, it causes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,
and tsunamis
Mount Kelud Timeline
1. 1919- 5,000 people killed

2. 1990- 30 people killed

3. 2007- "Slow Eruption" of heavy ash

4. 2014- had been rumbling and closely
observed for many weeks before
February eruption

5. February 13- 1 hour before eruption
Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation
Agency sent out evacuation notice

6. Weeks to come- tremors will continue





Mount Kelud is a size 4 volcano, or pelean volcano, which means that there is viscous magma involved and also a heavy pyroclastic flow.
Ash and debris was sent 10 miles into the air

Explosions could be heard 125 miles away

100,000 people were evacuated
3 are dead
Subduction Zone:

Where one edge of one plate is forced below the edge of another. One sinks beneath the other. As it descends, the plate often creates seismic and volcanic activity.

By: Jen Fox & Savannah Lewandowski
Lightning storm during the eruption
Sulfer dioxide plume
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