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=An anti bullying vision=

No description

Alexandre Shuh

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of =An anti bullying vision=

My anti bullying vision

First we must understand this world wide problem to solve it.
Physical Bullying

Hitting others down to put yourself up.
Verbal Bullying
Saying mean things to others.
How to prevent bullying
First make the bully know that you do not like what he is doing.
Cyber Bullying
This is when you use the internet to say mean things.
Social Bullying
Making others sad by talking behind their back.
Did you know?
-That insults and calling names represent the most used type of bullying.
Effects of Bullying
Bullying is not good for anyone young or old and leaves bad memories behind. It makes people cry and feel bad about them selves.
Bullying is using words or actions as a weapon to be mean to others
-47% of parents in Canada report their children being bullied.
-73% of cyberbullying is e-mail threats
! Stop Bullying !
Then, tell a older person that you trust; parents, brother, sister
finally, wait and don't let what he says get to your head
Your so bad at sports!
your dumb
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