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No description

Jaime Sánchez

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Breaking



It,s estimated that Bryan Cranston (Walter White) earned 225.000 dollars per episode which means that he earned 1.8 million dollars just for the last season of Breaking bad.
Aaron Paul earned a little less , with 150000 dollars per episode which meant that he earned 1.2 million dollars just in the last season.
According to our calculations Cranston made 9 million dollars in the entire Tv series, a bit more than Paul who made 6.25 million dollars.
Breaking bad tells a story about a man who is diagnosed of cancer, and suddenly realizes that he doesn´t have enough money for the family once he´s gone, and then he decides to take another way to make money by other means and in bigger amounts
Due to the success of this series , some people tried to imitate it in order to earn some money, and in Colombia some people thought that it might be a good idea to imitate Breaking Bad in spanish, eventhough they don´t have enough budget to equalize this wonderful series, the results are these
We know that apart from the creative work of the screenwriter , the director (Vince Gilligan) took a real story of a drug dealer, which sold methamphetamine in Alabama and made his series pretty similar to the story of this drug dealer. He even took the real name of this person and used it in his series.
Some people believe that the series Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead happen in the same Universe , because both of the series have some relation between them , this started when the makeup cast of TWD helped the makeup cast of BRBA for some specific scenes in which they needed some type of "Zombie" makeup in some characters
Based on real events
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