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How did NVidia start

No description

Nicholas Rains

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of How did NVidia start

Nvidia is a computer hardware company that specializes in creating GPUs, or Graphic Proccessing Units, and well as chip units for mobile computing .
What is NVidia?
How did NVidia start?
By Nicholas Rains
Founded in 1993 by Jen-Hsun Huang, Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem, these three men believed that the personal computer would be one of the greatest devices that support gaming and other media.
What is NVidia?
NVidia specializes in creating Computer hardware, especially graphics cards. They design, create, and manufacture hardware constantly and have advanced their products BIG TIME .
NVidia NV1
The NVidia NV1 was the first
product NVidia had produced.
Made in 1995, this
PCI made huge
innovations for the
PC industry as it offered 2D and 3D capabilities.
NVidia discovers GPU
In 1999, NVidia discovered the Graphics Processing Unit, which would start a major innovation in the PC Industry.
NVidia and Microsoft
Microsoft, the same innovative company we see everywhere now at days, joined with NVidia in the year 2000 to produce the XBox Classic.
World of Warcraft
In 2004, the gaming phenomenon known as World of Warcraft came to be. But this game wouldn't exist if it wasn't for NVidia. Blizzard teamed with NVidia to create this
godly creation of a game.
NVidia gets an Emmy
2007 was a huge year for NVidia as it got its first Emmy for its impact on the computer gaming community. It also was a year that the company recieved its first quarter as it reached 1 billion
dollars in revenue.
My views on NVidia
I think NVidia is a very innovative company that grew very quickly over the years. It has a high impact on the gaming community and still holds a place in the hearts of gamers.
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