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That Time in the Woods

No description

Mayoli the WildChild

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of That Time in the Woods

That Time in the Woods
Then I noticed the sign pitched a few feet away. It read: “Most bear sightings. Last bear sighted 8 hours ago. Be bear aware.”The stamped bear paw on the page stood out like a sore thumb.
“What are you waiting for? Let's go!” my dad exclaimed his voice growing quieter in the distance.
I stumbled over to where my family just began walking the trail. Reasonably requesting to return to our cabin and stating my reasons, I continually disagreed with my dad. But of course he won. I recall that as I was frantically glancing around for any massive furry animal, one thought kept entering my mind; If I get eaten by a bear it will be all my dad's fault. The looming shadows of the trees, crackle of dead leaves under my feet, and the unusual combination of lighting from the dying sun and rising moon in the crimson sky made me hasten to catch up with my dad.
Finally after what seemed hours, we reached our cabin. I felt extremely relieved that the frightening experience was over. This experience taught me that we should always be grateful for every moment of our life because you never know when something might happen.

Bears. Just the thought of them brings shivers. Now think of walking on an empty trail in the woods where most bear-sightings occur. I experienced such a fright when I visited Yellowstone National Park on a family road trip. Late in the afternoon, at around 5:30 pm, my dad really wanted to sight some bears. So he led us to the trail where most bears had been sighted. Bears with their mighty, powerful body, dusky, rough fur, and terrifying, sharp claws. Oh yes, I was frightened out of my mind.
That Time in the Woods
As soon as we came to the beginning of the trail, I became doubtful. “Nobody's even on this trail. It's completely empty. Plus I'm tired and you said we would go back to our cabin after the trail we just hiked,” I groaned.
“Stop whining, I'm sure you can walk one last trail!” my dad responded in a compromising tone. “We must see the bears before we leave in two days!”
I grumbled about how tired I was and that my legs were aching. At the time I didn't know his intentions of making us hike a bear-sighting trail so when his last sentence registered in my brain I froze. “Bears?”
Time passed and every few minutes I voiced my thoughts, unable to help the troubling feeling I experienced in my stomach. “What if a bear came and ate us?” and “I'm telling you if I die it'll be your fault.” At last my mom grew tired of my repeated outbursts and wearily complained to my dad, “Let's just go back now.” My dad heaved a sigh and without a word began to trudge back up the trail.
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