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Toxic Schools

IB exhibition

charlie hicks

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Toxic Schools

IB exhibition Chemicals found
in toxic schools -manganese -benzene -white lead -chromium -naphthalene -asbestos Table of Contents Mold -aspergillus -stachybotrys -penicillium -alternaria -cladosporium Gamble Cleary Rene Juarez Sasha Tishin by: Charlie Hicks mold found in schools Cause Effect Mold is growing on the ceiling or inside the wall of a classroom. Children can experience flu-like symptoms such as runny noses,coughing and breathing difficulties. Chart Cause Effect A child attends a toxic school unaware of the chemicals that are inside the school That child may experience painful headaches and other symptoms Chart Thank you for your attention! What is a Toxic School? slide 3-What is a Toxic School?
slide 4-Chemicals
slide 5-Mold
slide 6-11-Cause and Effects
slide 12-Plan of action
slide-13 Sanjay Gupta report
slide 14-Bibliography A toxic school is a school that was made with harmful chemicals such as asbestos, white lead and other
chemicals.Toxic schools are all over the US but they are more prevalent in New York because the schools there are older. Plan of Action As our plan of action we are making a petition for Sarah Smith students to sign. Once we have the signatures we will send the petition to the New York Superintendent of schools.We hope the petition will persuade the New York Superintendent of schools to do something about this epidemic. www.wikipedia.com
New York state health department-
CNN- 404-827-1500
Daniella Phillips- District 1 166 Essex Street, Room 136 New York, NY 10002 212-353-2948 dphilli@schools.nyc.gov Bibliography Sanjay Gupta Report Toxic Schools http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/health/2012/01/13/gupta-toxic-schools.cnn
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