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Mesopotamian Legacies


Alex Baigent

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Mesopotamian Legacies

The Mesopotamian Legacy Agriculture By: Alex Baigent ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIAN
LEGACIES Firstly, the Mesopotamians were the first civilization to figure out that you didn't have to constantly move with herds of animals to get food. Before, civilizations would have to constantly move and set up camps. This made them have inferior places to live like tents. When they discovered agriculture, it allowed them to focus on other things. The agriculture revolution was huge for these people and even the world. Gone were the days of following herds of animals for food and sometimes not even getting enough food. Agriculture brought a steady flow of food into settlements. This Legacy is very important because farming is very important to large cities and even whole countries today. Farming would later lead to the Mesopotamians breeding animals like cows which is also very popular in todays farming. Written Language Trade Systems Finally, the Mesopotamians developed the first form of trade system. They discovered that in some places, materials were hard to find like wood in very dry places. They had the idea to trade materials for other goods or money. This allowed them to make peace with other colonies. Being able to get any materials and not be dependent on the area that they lived in was huge for these people. The legacy that this left behind is today's worldwide trade. Countries are dependent on other countries because of their trade routes. This makes countries trust and need each other more. In conclusion, The Mesopotamians left the richest legacy because they were able to invent agriculture, written language, and trade systems. Throughout the year we studied many different civilizations. They have all left behind many legacies for us today, but people wonder who left the richest legacy? This prezi will explain why I think Mesopotamia left behind the richest legacies. Secondly, the Mesopotamians were the first civilization to have the first form of written language. They used it to write stories, record important battles/events, and record how much food they would grow every season. With these recordings they could predict how much food they would have every season and how much food they would need to store. Not everyone would have the privilege to write, mostly wealthy boys would be taught how to write. This would later lead to the Mesopotamians developing math equations. This legacy is important because written language has led to so many things. It has led to things like Shakespearean plays which a lot of schools use to educate kids today. TO CONCLUDE
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