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My Family History

By: Nathan Hodges

Nathan Hodges

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of My Family History

My Family History
By: Nathan Hodges Mom's Side-Poland, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Canadian
Dads Side-England, Ireland, Scotland, Native American Meaning

Hodges- Origin is of early Medieval England. Evolved from the name of Roger. Appears in the 16th century.

Hamilton- Little is known about this, but it is said to be
a place name, derived from "hamell," meaning "treeless hill" or "home"
and "dun," which means "settlement." Helen Wendt
Born in Wisconsin
Worked for Shuster's Dept. Store
Later worked for Gimbels
Born: 6-6-1914
Died: 10-12-1998
Raymond Wendt
Born in Milwaukee.
Worked for Ambrosia Chocolate Company for 45yrs.
His dad came from Germany and worked for Nabisco.
His mom made hats.
Born: 2-2-1912
Died: 4-12-1993
Pauline "Bushie" Krzympiec
Born 3-19-1886
Came through Ellis Island at age 20 from Poland
Was a nurses aide in Poland
Never learned English
Almost always wore a babushka
Parents were farmers
Lived to be 103 years old
Died 2-15-1989

My Dads side
Majority of family lives in Florida
His grandpa worked in the Orange Groves
His Great-Great grandfather was a Confederate soldier
His dad was an electritian for AC Delco
His mom babysat me when I was little
My Dad was named after his Dad, And I carry his name as my middle name.

Julian "JT" Hodges Agnes Hamilton
Robert Scott Hamilton
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