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Satire In American Dad

No description

ashley diaz

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Satire In American Dad

Satire In American Dad
Episode "American Dad After School Special"

Definition: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule or exposing or denouncing
Example 1
Stan is desperate to lose weight so he searches for solutions to lose those pounds then he stumbles upon a guy named Zack aka Z-man who is a professional trainer. Zack sees Stan and tells him "Hey bro couldn't help notice that your fat and pathetic" in that
Stan agrees. Stan pleads and said " Please help I'll do anything". The Satire in this part is when Zack tells Stan to grab those kids and use them as weights so he can exercise and Stan listens. That tells us about how society acts,we do anything to look perfect or be perfect it also says that we do dumb things to reach that goal of perfection which in this case using children as weights.
Example 2
In this part of the episode Stan and his family are arguing about Stan weight problems. In Stan's perspective he sees himself fat and disgusting just as what Zack was telling him. But his family disagreed in this episode Stan is suffering Anorexia he delusional because he sees himself fat but in reality he is dangerously skinny. The satire in this part is when Stan starts talking to Z-man but the family starts to question his mentally disability because to the family there is no one there but Stan indeed sees Z-man. The meaning to that which is representing society is we as people sometimes get this image in our head of ourselves and start to believe that is true but in reality is not. This mistake can affect not just you but the people around you as well.
Example 3
In this part of the episode Stan is taken to Anorexia Alliance which is a place where people go to deal with the problems that is causing that disorder. When Stan goes he seen as a girl and not a boy. Also the program has just girls in it. Stan is asked why he is there and is also asked if he menstruated yet. The episode is clearly trying to say that the majority of the people that have this disorder are High School girls. The satire in this is when the teacher asks Stan's wife this "recently cut off the cheer leading squad" is certainly indicating that girls are seen to have than buys because the characters know that Stan is a male but is treating him like a girl because only get anorexia. So society says girls only get anorexia and not guys.
Pictures of Representation Of Satire
Stan's looks like a High School girl.
See's himself Fat always
Family see's him as skinny but anorexia
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