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Selling The Solar System

No description

Eboni Bolden

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Selling The Solar System

The Big Hot Wonderful Sun
Planet Placement
This beautiful dusty planet is the perfect size and place. Being about 12,104 km in diameter and 108,200,000 km away from the sun gives the planet just the right amount of heat and comfort.
With no rings and moons, the only thing to possibly worry about is the extra long days. On Venus the days are 224.65 earth days to complete 1 orbit. This lovely planet makes you wanna shout Hakuna Matata, kick back and relax.
Prime Real Estate
Being named after the goddess of wisdom and beauty isn't the only perk Venus posses. With a atmosphere composed mostly from CO2 and a very rocky surface, Venus is a perfect place for remodelng.
Welcome to The Sun, a big ball of fiery greatness. You'll never have to worry about being too cold on this heated star and solar flares, or sun explosions, keep you some what cool. The Sun is truly the center on the show. All the other plants orbit this snazzy star in a ellipse all thanks to inertia and gravity. the sun is a prime spot for a warm summer home.
Venus and all her greatness
Glow Cloud Real Estate
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