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A Poem on Open Education

Activity 25, H817open

Inger-Marie F. Christensen

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of A Poem on Open Education

By Inger-Marie Christensen, an open learner
A Poem on Open Education
For open pedagogies, we've been yearning.
Abundance, connectivism and rhizomatic learning.
and hybrids in between,
Open education has been served - there are offers to screen.
But how does the open learner cope?
Follow the flow of information using feeds.
Set learning goals and determine your learning needs.
Follow your own learning path but mingle
with other learners - don't go it single.
Watch, listen, read and reflect
to share and connect.
Browse and skim
if you can't fit it all in.
Connect live, online through a synchronous event.
Challenge yourself, be curious and experiment.
Images from colourbox.com
And support
a friend
Try out these strategies and there will be hope.
but also take the time
- skip an activity or two
Grow your own PLN.
Learn the lingo, be creative and find the tool.
Twitter, Google+, blog aggregator, Xtranormal, Diiego, YouTube...

and all the other social media rule.
Little and big OERs both serve a purpose
Creating material from scratch
might be superflous.
When it becomes second nature
to remix and attribute using CC.
Then a true open scholar you will be.
It keeps the world turning!
You won't regret it.
So have a go at
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