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St Hilda of Whitby

No description

Ruby Burgess

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of St Hilda of Whitby

St Hilda of Whitby Hilda was born into the deiran royal household with her other Bregswith and her father Hereric. she was baptised at the age 13 in 627. in 632, Hilda moved from Northumbria to Kent where she was married
and then widowed. At the age of 60,
Hilda returned to Northumria to form a
monastery with bishop Aiden.
she stayed here for the remaining
years of her life. By Ruby Burgess St Hilda of Whitby St Hilda of Whitby was born in 614 in Northumbria England, and died on November 17 680 at the age of 66 in Whitby England. Hilda lived a life of God, becoming a nun and running her own monastery in Hackness.
Although she was immensely ill for the last six years of her life due to an unusually high fever, it didnt stop her showing kindness, knowledge and understanding towards others. Hilda embodied many special qualities such as kindness by dedicating a sentimental cross to Lilla, bravery, by intending to spend her last days at her monastery in Hackness even though she was very ill. Goodness by making the royals recognize the talent of a lowly cowman and peace by living a life for God. St Hilda is an example for us today because she showed humility, kindness and respect in her everyday life just like we should. Thank you for watching. Statue of St Hilda St Hilda's monastery St Hilda's castle in Northumbria Whitby England Sentimental cross
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