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Ancient China

No description

noah sterrett

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Ancient China

Ancient China
Shi Huangdi

Chinese Achievements
Shi Huangdi was the first emperor of china and of the Qin dynasty
1. Invented an accurate calendar
2. Bronze weapons and vessels
3. Made silk
4. The early Chinese used to use cracks in bone or shell for their form of writing
5. Made the very first books, bound by thin strips of wood or bamboo
6. Developed acupuncture around 2500 B.C.,
7. Cai Lun (an official of the Han court), developed a method for making paper out of wood pulp
Ancient Chinese Religions
8. Also invented fishing reels, wheelbarrows, and suspension bridge

Shi Huangdi followed the ways of legalism
Beginning and Growth of China
Noah Sterrett
Max Newlin
Max Heitman
Cole Bridges
Shi Huangdi (continued)
He abolished feudalism in China
Shi Huangdi burned all books and buried all Confucian scholars in the Qin Dynasty
1. By the time of the Shang dynasty the chinese had complex religious beliefs.
Built the Great Wall of China
2. The early chinese prayed to many gods and nature. The supreme god was called Shang Di.
Qin dynasty collapsed in 206 b.c.
World History book pages 92-108
Han Dynasty
Gaozu founded the Han Dynasty
Wudi comes to power in 121 b.c.
Improves roads, canals, and set up granaries
Followed policies of expansionism
Geography greatly influenced the culture of China
Natural land borders in all directions
Empire was very diverse in religions
Heartland lay at Huang River
Achievements Continued
Rise of Strong Central Government
Need to control flow of Huang river led to a strong government
Shang dynasty was formed
Formed to drive off nomads

Established the silk road
Han Dynasty (continued)
Wudi imposed monopoly on salt and iron
3. The King was seen as the link between the common people and Shang Di. The king
Zhou Dynasty
Overthrew Shang
Farming became more productive
Overthrown and replaced with Qin Dynasty
5. Coin Belts
Adopted idea of civil servants
Han Dynasty collapsed in about 220 b.c.
4. At first only nobles and kings would pray to their ancestors
1. During Zhou dynasty Confucianism emerged.

2. 5 main relationships

3. He taught filial pity

4. developed a philosophy
1. Founded by Laozi.

2. Based on 10 precepts.

3. People believed in the yin and the yang.
1. Need for order above all human concerns.
Chinese Buddhism
1. Spread from India to China.

2. Buddism took ideas from Taoism.

3. Five main precepts.
2. Founded by Husn Tzu.
3. Thought humans were inherently evil.
4. Needed a strong government and carefully devised code of law.
Discussion Question
How do you think past achievements and religion affected china today?
Current Events
1. Buddhism and Taoism are still widely believed religions in china today, along with new ones like Christianity and Catholicism
2. Medicine and acupuncture have advanced to even keep the life of a child who has suffered a stroke going.
Iron working introduced
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4. Former domestic security head accused of being corrupt and increasing his own paycheck in the name of "maintaining stability". Chinese officials are now cracking down on corrupt leaders nationwide.
3. China producing world's first appoved swine flu vaccine, which shows how much china has really advanced from the ancient days.
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