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How to Engage Fans in Facebook

Here is a presentation that I got from Hubspot blogs that will help you to engage more fans in Facebook.

Ladrick Malulan

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Engage Fans in Facebook

How to Engage Fans on Facebook First Things First: How's your Edgerank? Make your message more personal. MAKE IT PERSONAL Photo albums, pictures, and videos increase engagement by 180%, 120% and 100% respectively BE VISUAL KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Edgerank is an algorithm that determines what shows up in any Facebook user's news feed It uses 3 components. AFFINITY, WEIGHT & TIME DECAY AFFINITY is determined by the amount of interaction between any two given Facebook users. The more you build relationship with the fan, the more likely your posts will show up in that fan's newsfeed Weight refers to the type of post. Share is weightier than a comment, a comment is weightier that a Like, and a Like weighs' more than a click on the post. Time Decay refers top post timeliness. Like any piece of news, the older it becomes the less relevant and important it is, thus less likely to appear in newsfeeds. The lower your brand's EdgeRank is, the fewer opportunities you will have to engage. It is the kind of things friends, family and co-workers share with each other. A great example Sharing personal contents makes your fan feel connected to your brand, it makes you more human. Encourage personal sharing from your fans too. Visual content helps draw in and engage Facebook users. LAUNCH CONTEST Contest is one of the effective ways to increase engagement. Prize can be real or virtual, one-time or ongoing. Contest must also be done through a Page App. BE FUNNY It helps a brand connect to their audience. Humorous images, comics, and memes are highly shareable content. SPOTLIGHT YOUR EMPLOYEES It is an easy way to humanize your company. Snap a pic of your employees on the job, receiving an award, or spending time with each other, both in the office or at work events. Let your fans know more about them, from their title, to their hobbies or hidden talents. BE RESPONSIVE 95% of brands do not responds to comments made by facebook users on facebook. By responding you demonstrate your own high level of engagement and many of your fans will be pleased. It create lasting relationship. POST AT OPTIMAL TIMES Plan the timing of your post according to your audience. For example business companies engage more during business hours. Some audience during lunch time and close to close time. You may see higher engagement during lunch time and weekends. CONSIDER FREQUENCY DISCUSS CURRENT EVENTS The average half-life of a posts is about three hours. It is a good practice to post more than once a day. Stay involved in the current conversations. If a holiday is around the corner, odds are your fans are involved and talking about. Examples are posting a romantic image during valentines day or Christmas images. ASK QUESTIONS Try asking questions in your Facebook
Such as WHERE, WHEN OR SHOULD. Asking for feedback (such as "Tell us how you fee about") on your products or services will prompt fans to express themselves The more you know your audience, the more effectively you can develop content tailored to their likes. Use everything you've learned about your customers offline and online, what they are interested in. The more you can relate to your customers, the more engaged the audience will be. MIX IT UP Mix the type of content you post on your Facebook page. POST IDEAS Photo of a happy customers Case studies Photo of employees Humorous jokes and images Poll your audience for fun or research Ask fans to fill in the caption of a photo Post new product tips Run a contest INVITE SUBSCRIBERS If you did not ask people to like your brand it will not occur to them to do it. They may be aware of you in Facebook but since you haven't asked or provided an incentive for them to engage with you there they simply haven't. Provide an incentive; it doesn't have to be expensive to be valuable Just follow this steps and your page will never be the same again. Getting more engagement on Facebook isn't rocket science, but marketing science.
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