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Én, a bank és a jogaim

No description

Laura Kovács

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Én, a bank és a jogaim

Me and the bank
I have rights.
Consumer rights
Written request!
Custom contract arguments (szerződés megkötés, teljesítés)

Avoid court proceedings --> There is no processing fee

BUT! During the process you must pay the expenses (fe.: translating)

They have to answer within 90 days (It can be extended with 30 days)

They was unlawful or deceptive with you

They have to answer within 90 days (It can be extended with 30 days)

Right of quittin or terminating the contract
Right of remedy

= a legal order of preventing or redressing a wrong or erforcing a right
Right of information
handling complains
general contract conditions
risks of exchange rate
information about rights
In writing or personally

Documents beside our objections

They have to answer within 30 days
Right of-


Quitting or terminating the contract

Things to do with financial complaints
I have a complaint!
What can I do?
Doesn't answer
They refused you
You don't accept
You accept
(Financial services)
Financial Institution Supervision
Financial Arbitration Board
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