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No description

Jhanz Ganub

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Roblox

Play Roblox!!!!!!!!
Another fun game!!!
BC Card battles
BC card battles is really fun.You start out with 3 cards so when you click on a card and use it it you get a random weapon at rate!Some cards give you really good weapon types such as a lightning phonix or a blow horn that creates a bunch of tornadoes that kills anything in its path but it is still a really fun game

Roblox's gear!!
Play it!!!!
Roblox is an awesome game,with more than 1,000,000 people playing.You will start off as a noobie,but you get tickets every day is you log on.Roblox has millions of games,including FPS,hangouts,obbies,tycoons,and more.You can meet friends online,chat and build your own game!It is a free download,and you will love Roblox.If you know Tobuscus,the youtuber,he plays!!!!!!Also,if you get a place visit,not yourself,you get a ticket.Tickets let you buy clothes,gear,and you can trade 20 for a Robuck.Robux can get you awesome items.You get 10 tix every day if you log on.Also,if somebody is being a jerk to you,you can report them so they will not be able to play Roblox for a certain amount of days.Getting reported a lot,if you do,your accout for Roblox will be deleted FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game below is called,"The Stalker".In the game,as a combine(a solider)you fight a evil force.The stalker can deliver a punch,that can bring you to half health.If you buy VIP,for 120 tix,you can buy different abilities for the stalker and combines.In the lobby,1 person will be randomly picked as the stalker.As you see below,the stalker is a shadow.It is NOT easy to kill,so be warned.You can buy different weapons and HATS to keep forever.6 extra classes for combines.I'm a medic.-Smoshgamer129.I bring home da healz!
In Roblox,you will look,blocky in the begining,but you can buy a diffrent body.Swag is something you need in Roblox,thats why there are epik hats,and clothes.If you want to create a shirt,pants,or anything else,you buy B.C,T.B.C,or O.B.C.Obc gives you 75 robux,and you can make clothes,like all the others,but Bc gives you 15 Robux,and Tbc gives you,I think,30-45.
Robloxian 2.0
By: epicderper21
Roblox has so much types of gear!!!!From winged bow'n arrows,to Riptide!!!!Gear is only allowed in some games,and there are diffrent types.Not all gear can bloxx you(by bloxx,I mean instakill).There are all types of gear,but not all are cheap.Some cost 9,000 Robux,others,a ticket.Here are somne of all Roblox gears.
This Roblox Prezi was by Smoshgamer19 and epicderper21.If you liked this Prezi,send us a pm(private message)and feel free to send a friend request.Me and Derper have known each other for a long while,and we will try to make da best Prezis,if you'd like one,pm us on what it will be about.If you ever see us online,join the game and tell us.Plz like,and comment on dis Prezi.
Hey i'm Epicderper from Roblox.In Roblox i'm a cool looking guy but in the real world i'm just a normal kid having fun.Roblox only,well mostly about having fun but some people take it far like seriously taking it like its their life.I'm Epicderper21 and that was about me.Stay cool BROS
About Me
'Bout Me,Smosh
OK,let's get things strait.I'M not Anthony from Smosh,I've been told so many times if I'm Anthony.So,I put "Smosh"in my name 'cause I love watchin them on youtube.I hate jerks out there in the world,and I try makin friends. love Roblox,best game eva.Me and Derper have been broz after fights,and other problems in life.I suck at building on Roblox,don't judge me.I might not look like the avitar below on the right 'cause I change my look.I'm a gamer,livin' life to da fullest.'Least I try:)Game on.Play on.Live on.
Roblox groups is like picking clans.Free members can join 5.Bcs,Tbs,and Obcs can join more.The groups may have games and clothes for the group.You can make your own,but I think you need a type of Bc.If you want to leave a group,you can,but free members only get 5,so it stinks.Obcs can join I think 15 to 25.Groups can also give you VIP for a game also.That's really all the uses for groups.P.S,join BHB-Smosh
Roblox Groups
Question of the day
Which meme is this?-------->
Which meme is this?-------->
which meme is this?-------->
Some groups
V.I.P and game passes
Vip and gamepasses are useful in games if you really want them.For an example,the Stalker.With vip,you can buy new abilities and stuff.So a game pss,if you were playing a game and there was a treasure chest that will give you money,you buy the gamepass so you can go there,unless you already can.That's really it broz.-Smosh and Derper.P.S,vip IS a gamepass!:O
Plz comment and like!
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