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Copper Sun: plot diagram

Something for english that I was told to do. bye, peace,love,andHarryStyles

carly howard

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Copper Sun: plot diagram

By, Carly Howard. :) 'Copper Sun'
Plot Diagram Exposition 15 year old Amari, lived happily in Ziavi, a village in
Africa, with her family and many friends. Amari is betrothed to Besa, one of the boys in her village, and is expected to get married the following year. Rising Action Amari's village gets attacked by the "pale-faced" men. Many people die, including Amaris little brother, Kwasi, her mother and her father. Amari is among the few who survive. The "pale-faced" men lead the survivors to a place called Cape Coast Castle. Amari soon learns, from Afi a middle aged african woman, that they will be inspected and sold as slaves. After being inspected many africans are lead out of the building and to the beach shore where they wait for a day and are loaded onto a huge Slave Ship. While on this journey Amari and Afi, as well as many other female's, are taken advantage of and raped. Some nights Amari is lucky enough to to be taken by Bill, one of the ship workers who teaches Amari the language of the white and DOES NOT take advantage of her. Amari is once again sold later in the story to Mr. Derby, for his son Clay. While at the plantation Amari meets Teenie and her young son tidbit, and an indentured slave Polly. When Polly and Amari are appointed a job at the main house one night Amari trips over Mr. Derby's feet and splatters pie all over. As a result of this Mr.Derby gets angry at her and beats her with his whip leaving deep wounds. Falling Action MR. Derby had planned to send clay with the doctor and go sell Polly Tidbit and Amari but Teenie made him sick so he couldn't go. Mr. Derby decides to sell Polly to a whore house and Amari and Tidbit at the slave auction. Dr. Hopkins decides to let the slaves go and give them a chance. Polly Amari and Tidbit run south to a place called Fort Mose. Over the Journey they encounter some troubles. Clay Derby catches up to them but they tie him up to a tree and next to a rattle snake and run away. They meet a boy named Nathan and he helps them by giving them a place to sleep and some food to eat. His father finds out and wants to turn them in to get the reward. But Nathan wont have that he make Amari hit him in the head with a pitch fork to knock him out and they make a run for it. They stay the night in a shed at the swap where they are woken up by , who gives them a horse, a wagon and some clothes. While getting ready to leave her house Amari runs into Besa, he has barely any teeth, many scars and only one eyeball, he's had many owner since he and Amari last spoke and has tried to run away many times. Amari tries to get besa to some with them but he has no hope left and says no. Climax Mr. Derby's wife Isabelle goes into labor and
has her baby. When the baby is born Polly Amari realize that it is black. They try and hide the baby with one of the slaves who had recently had a baby, and say that Mrs Derby had had a still born baby. Mr. Derby called Dr. Hopkins to examine the baby. Mr.Derby's son brought him the baby and the truth came out. Mr.Derby was furious, so he killed the baby and the father of the baby (Noah Mrs. Derby's bodyguard slave). Resolution. Amari Poly and Tidbit make it to Fort Mose and meet a lady, who tells Amari she is Pregnant. The next day they tell Amari Polly and Tidbit that they are going to get there freedom papers! THEY WILL BE FREE.!!
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