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"The Most Dangerous Game" Plot Diagram


Joseph Bakhit

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of "The Most Dangerous Game" Plot Diagram

"The Dangerous Game" Plot Diagram Rainsford, General Zaroff Main Characters Subordinate Characters Ivan, Whitney On an island for five days. On shore, through an amazon, and in a mansion. This era is around our time. Rainsford fell off his boat and it just continued unaware of his absence. Rainsford heard gunshots, but decided to walk towards the noise with the metality of fuinding civilization. He met the General and was informed that he was a hunter, but not only animals. General Zaroff also hunted humans. Rainsford was aware that there is only two options and chose the chase, and is already taking precautions and tactics. There are two options on this island: play a game of cat and dog with the General or get beat to death by his butler. The game is basically to stay away from General Zaroff for three days and the award is freedom, although the general has never lost. Setting Conflict Rising Action Complications Exposition Climax Falling Action Denouement It is Rainsford's turn to play "the game." He is given a three hour head start and sprints as soon he is released. 1st Day:
General Zaroff caught Rainsford, but gave him a chance due to his evil mentality of prolonging his sick game. 2nd Day:
Rainsford set a trap, killed a dog and Ivan, and has made it through the night safe. 3rd Day:
To escape the sight of the General he basicaly swam to the mansion and followed the General. He hid behind the General's closet, killed the general, and then slept in his bed for the night. By: Joseph B. & Isaac G.
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