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McDonald's Factors of Production

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alyssa arndt

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of McDonald's Factors of Production

McDonald's Factors of Production
McDonald's Factors of Production
Presentation by: Alyssa Arndt Hr:3
How has McDonald’s exploited its factors of production and what effects did it bring upon the global society?
Land and Natural Resources
Anything that comes from the earth and is used in the production of a good or service
Labor and Human Services
Any physical or mental exertion used in the production of a good or service.
Capital Resources
Any manufactured or manmade item that is used in the production of another good or service.
The ability of a person to combine the other 3 factors of production to make a new good or service.
McDonald's is the largest fast food hamburger corporation chain in the world, serving roughly 58 million customers daily. The first ever McDonald's opened in Des Plaines, Illinois on April 15th, 1955. The McDonald's business first came about in San Bernardino, California in 1940 by brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald. Ray Kroc then took over the business and made it a franchise. Within only 10 years since opening the first McDonald's, there were over 700 across the United States.
Land: Chicken, Beef, Milk
Labor: Construction workers, Dairy farm workers, Delivery workers.
Capital: Shovel, Truck (transportation of goods), Business opening sign.
Production is the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials. The land is used to raise the chickens and cows that are used for the meat that is in the McDonald's food. The milk from the cows is used to put in the kids meals. Labor is needed for the construction workers in order to build the McDonald's building. Dairy farm workers are needed to harvest the milk that is then sold at the Mcdonald's facility. Delivery men are also needed to deliver the meat and other resources needed to supply the business. Capital resources such as shovels are needed to assist in the building of McDonald's. An opening sign is also likely needed to let the public known when McDonald's will start serving as well as a delivery truck in order to get the deliveries to the facility.
Land: Paper from trees, color dyes, and plastic.
Labor: Factory production workers, Delivery workers, Servers.
Capital: Factory machines, cardboard, and marker (writing utensil).
Packaging is the business or process of packing goods. Paper and plastic are used to make the straws and to-go bags. The dye is used to print color on the bags to make them more appealing and to draw eyes to their product. Labor is needed for the delivery workers to deliver the packaging materials to the McDonald's location. The factory workers need to operate the factory machines in order to process McDonald's packaging goods. Finally, the labor of the McDonald's server is needed to put the food into the bag and hand it off to the correct customer. Capital resources such as cardboard is used to hold the heavier, hotter burgers so the package is secure for its containing product. A marker or other writing utensil is likely used to mark different sandwiches on the outer side of their packages to distinguish which type of sandwich is inside the wrapper without opening it.
Land: Metal, Milk, Fire.
Labor: McDonald's cashier, McDonald's cook, food runner employees.
Capital: Cash register, ice cream machine, grill.
Distribution is the way in which something is shared out among a group or spread over an area. Natural resources such as metal are need to make the cashier register and other cooking equipment. Milk is used to make the ice cream and fire is used to start the grills or some other type of fire-starter. Labor is needed for the McDonald's cooks to make the food, cashiers to sell the food and food runners to take the food to the customers. Capital resources such as grills, ice cream machines and cash registers to aide in services to distribute food to McDonald's consumers.
Customer Satisfaction
Land: Plastic, Wooden rod, paper
Labor: Manager, Janitor, Customer Service Rep.
Capital: Mop, Slide, coupons
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. Natural resources such as paper, wooden rods, and plastic are used to produce items that make McDonald's a more enjoyable place to go to. Paper is used to produce the coupons, plastic is used to make slides for the play place to bring in business for people with small children, and wooden rods are used for the handle in the capital resource, mops. Labor is needed to always improve McDonald's to make sure its customers are happy. The Janitors keep the place clean so customers are assured the facility is safe and clean to eat at. Managers keep the staff in line so they are delivering their best quality service. And lastly, Customer Service Reps are used to respond to problems guests are having to keep making McDonald's a better, happier place!
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