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Transcript of Pok-a-Tok

By: Isaiah Winikur Played all over central america.
600 ball courts found
Played in a court (a tlachco)
Played in the cities Plaza.
Rubber ball
50cm diamater
Weighs more than a kilo
Nobles only participated. Drawing of a male playing Pok-a-Tok.
Using his hip to shoot the in the ring. Pok-a-Tok court
Has two stone rings Men playing Pok-a-tok.
Overhead view.
Slanted walls of courts Five themes of Geography Place
Slanted walls
Stone court
stone rings
Rubber ball (man-made)
Rubber from tree Side of pok-a-tok court
Stone rings
Has a design Ten themes of social studies Because it was a game played and at the end if you won you would be sacraficed.

Playing the game was very special. Culture Ancient Civilization Comparison Both played to the death Gladiators Pok-a-tok There is a ball in the game Wore armor and had weapons.
More violent Present day connection Volly ball Pok-a-tok Same ball shape
court is the same
Objective kinda of the same Overall Pokatok is a hard and special game
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