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Indians of the Great Basin

Learn about Great Basin cultures

Ian Glass

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Indians of the Great Basin

School 1jjj description School 2 description School 3 CV Your Name Personal add Personal details Indians of the Great basin Tribes Tribes include shoshone, comanche, and bannock. Clothing (shoshone) Clothing includes; women wore long
buckskin dresses, men wore breechcloths
and leggings with buckskin shirts. Weapons and tools
(shoshone) Weapons and tools include
bow and arrow, spears, basket
traps, warclubs, and buffalo
hde sheilds. Trees Trees include pinyon, pine, bristlecone,
poplus, juniper, abies, etc... Artifacts Artifacts include
clay pots, spears,
baskets, moccasins,
clothes, traps, tipis,
etc.... Natural Resources Natural resources include
clay: for clay pots
cactus: for water and fruit
prickly pear friut: for medicenes and food
water: for crops and drinking
rocks: used for stonework THE END
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