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Crazy World Records

A presentation on crazy world records.

Ryan Lee

on 28 October 2011

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Transcript of Crazy World Records

Crazy World Records by Ryan Lee Introduction Do you want to get a bunch of world records at your fingertips without buying a book? If so, stay here and you'll learn a bunch of crazy world records. For Free!!! Tallest Living Man The world's tallest man alive is Sultan. He is 8 ft. and 1 in. The Most Teeth in 1 Mouth The most teeth in one mouth is 35 adult teeth. They belong to Kanchan Rajawat and Luca Harden The Heaviest Living Person The heaviest man alive is Manuel Uribe. He weighed 918 lbs. The Lightest Living Person The lightest person alive is Lucia Xarate who weighed 13 lbs. on her 20th birthday Farthest Distance to Pull a Vehicle Using Meat Hooks. A vehicle (8818 lbs.) was pulled 351 ft. by Hannibal Helmurto using 2 meat hooks inserted through his back. The Longest Beard Sarwan Singh has a beard that is the longest in the world. It measures 7 ft. 9 in. The Oldest Living Person The oldest living person is Eugenie Blanchard. He is 114 years old and was born on Feb. 16, 1896. Heaviest Aircraft Pulled by an Individual Kevin Fast pulled a 416,299 lbs. aircraft 28 ft. Most 1 Finger Pushups in 30 seconds Fu Bing Li did 25 one-finger pushups in 30 seconds Longest Time for Balancing on 4 Fingers Wang Weibao balanced his entire body for 19.23 seconds with only 4 fingers. Farthest Distance Travled with a Soccer Ball Balanced on Head Yee Ming Low covered 6.915 miles with a soccer ball balanced on his head The Loudest Burp Paul Hunn burped a 109.9 dB burp. He holds the record for loudest burp.
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